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To young for pointe...

Guest lovinballet14

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Guest lovinballet14

I am so confused! Everybody here talks about how they have been on pointe since they were 9 or 10! At my studio, our teacher wont even let you start pre-pointe until you are 12 or 13 and then makes you work for 2 or maybe 3 years in pre-pointe shoes. I know your not supposed to be put on pointe unless you are at least 12, *somthing about how your feet are still maturing(sp?)* but then why is everyone on pointe so early? I am 14 and have had pre-pointe shoes for 1 year, is our studio to slow?

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Guest theskysthelimit

I agree with you. I went on full pointe when I was 12, but we went VERY slowly, you spent a month or so just doing demi-pointe stuff in pointe shoes, and the whole rest of the year we spent on bourres and releves. You aren't supposed to go on pointe before 12 or so, otherwise you can warp the bones in your feet (I've seen it happen) which can prevent you going on Pointe for the rest of your life. Its good that you started slowly and late, because your muscles will develop fully, and your pointe work later will beof better quality.

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Slow is good, and waiting until 12 is good, but 14 is a bit late, unless you are not technically prepared by 12 or do not have the physical facility. I am not a great believer in pre-pointe, at least not for more a few months. I would never want to put someone on pointe too soon, however, I would hope that with the proper training they would be ready by 12.

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Guest lovinballet14

Our teacher just won't put anyone on pointe that soon. And there aren't any other ballet studios under an hour away. This is only my 3rd year dancing but I am a step ahead the other girls in my level. It seems that our teacher wants us to be perfect before we go on pointe. What are the requierments for pointe work anyway?

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