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Guest ProudBalletParent

My dd has started (3 weeks ago) taking a class at a wonderful studio in Novi Michigan. One thing I have noticed though, is that the majority of their students have INCREDIBLE back flexibility.


My dd can lay on her belly and touch her toes to her forehead, and she has a very nice 1st arabesque and incredible grande battement, but simply isn't as flexible as the others.


My dd is 10. Is there anything she can do (stretches, etc) to increase (safely) the flexibility in her back?



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Pass on anything further. She's at the very outside limit of classical ballet if she's 10 and doing that. Let the classes do their work.

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It sounds to me like your daughter has all the flexibility she needs, especially if she has a very 'nice first arabesque and incredible grand battement' at 10 years old. The others may be training for Cirque du Soleil! :giveup:

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