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The saddest thing ever...

Guest jballet

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Guest jballet

:yes: My life is practically over! My mom and dad are making me quit dance. Their reasoning is:


a) I just went back after an episode of tendonitis and had a relapse

:o It takes up all of my free time

c) It is getting really expensive with all of the classes plus all of the physical therapy I am having to do


I am really really sad about this. I can't remeber a time when I haven't danced. The other thing is that my dance friends don't even seem to care. They say things like, "Well you were too tall to make it anyway (even though I've had that issue cleared up here)" or "What did you really think you were going to do with it? (because I've only done summer intensives in New Mexico and haven't had money to travel)." I just need someone to tell me it's going to be okay. I've never been this depressed in my life. If anyone can help - it's you guys.

Sorry for rambling... if this isn't an appropriate post please delete it - I just needed to talk to people who care.

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Knock knock (parent here):


I am sorry to hear your news. If my dd told me that she felt as passionate about dance as you do, I would work with her and her dance teachers to determine a resolution.

The issue of recurring tendonitis is a valid reason for concern. As is the expense associated with physical therapy to correct a problem created by ballet. The issue of time is not as important as long as it is time spent doing something (healthy) you want to do.


If your parents will not discuss this with you further, please talk to your dance teacher. Some schools offer scholarships for students with financial hardships. Failing that, offer to work for your classes by doing admin or class demonstrating for the lower levels. Also look online for scholarships for someone in your situation (age, dance level, etc.)


Don't give up your dream.


And to your parents I can only say that when my dd is at dance class, I know where she is and what she is doing as opposed to all the trouble a child/teen can get into today. This knowledge as well as the pleasure my dd gets from dancing is worth every minute and every penny spent.

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Guest LovetoDance

I know how you feel. My parents don't fully realize how important dance is to me. They just think it's some silly girly dream I'll get over, but that's not how it is for me. They also don't like the costs either. Just know that if dance is your destiny, then don't let anything, not even your parents, stop you from it. There's always a way! :wacko:

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jballet, this is indeed a difficult situation, and complicated by the injury problems. The first thing you have to do is get that healed. After that, then the suggestions offered here by Rhapsody are very good. (I'm leaving her post, even though she is a parent posting on the YD board, as she gave some very valid suggestions, especially the part about talking to your teacher and finding a way to help fund your training through work study or scholarship,or any way that you can.)

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I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry for you :wacko: And I think I've got it bad having parents who won't let me do a class a day! Nothing compared to having to stop. Don't give up hope of dancing :blink:

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my parents are trying to make me drop a couple of classes next year (due to HSC workload) i can't even imagine having to do this let alone completely quit. Maybe if you agree to take a break of lessen your load for a while due to your injury they might let you do a little bit, hopefully. i feel very sorry for you, i would feel aweful if my parents did this to me.

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Guest allthatjazz

Aww. :hug: I know how you feel. My parents made me quit my competetive figure skating. I was -THIS- close to a provincial championship too.


But don't give up. Ask around and audition for different er, Dances? Uhm, no, that's not it, but you know what I mean! ><;; My brain isn't working today.


As for your condition, perhaps taking some time off would be best for you? I'm not a professional by any means, but that seems like the best thing to do.

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Guest theskysthelimit

My parents try to make me cut back on a regular basis...considering i only take about 6 hours a week thats not so good. I had maltracking syndrome in my knees for a long time, and nearly had to quit then. See if you can get your teacher on your side, and find out her reccomendations. Adults are better at listening to teachers than their children :(

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Guest jballet

Thank you all for your helpful suggestions. I have discussed this with my teacher and my teacher agreed with my parents she said that especially with a recurring injury some time off to prevent surgery sounded like the best thing. As to the financial aid suggestions - teaching was how I was getting most of my classes anyway-and mostly it was the physical therapy costs that were getting so high. My parents said that I should take the rest of the year off and we'll just have to wait and see about next year (meaning September). I really want to stay in shape, so is there any exercises (sp?) that I can do at home to maintain my flexibility and strength? Any suggestions would be helpful and again thank you to all for the help and support.

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I'm not in this situation, but what I would do is show your parents how much you love dance. Maybe watch a lot of ballet videos, or dance around the house. Something to show them that its your life.

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