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More than one school?


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There is another dance studio in my area that offers two RAD inter foundation classes a week. I would really like to go as it would help woth my technique and get me ready for the exam next year but I am not sure how to broach the subject with my regular teacher.


If I went it would mean dropping two modern classes with her (half hour each) and attending two ballet classes of an hour.


Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated.

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Firstly, you've got to ask yourself what your main goal is...what do you love most? If working on ballet mastery is more important to you...than I'd say drop the modern and add the extra ballet classes. That is, if the second school has just as good a quality of training as your main school.


As for telling your teacher, let her know you are serious about your ballet training and have decided to double up your ballet classes at this other school. I'm sure she will understand and applaud your maturity in taking control and pushing toward your goal.


For instance, I wanted to add another adult ballet class to my week, however, there were none in the time frame I had available working around my present work schedule and my usual dance lessons. It was actually suggested to me to try this other studio in the area (with equal quality) because they had classes that would work for me.


Anyway, just my two cents...

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I do think it is good in general to try new things, including schools, just to learn what they are like. You may like what you experience, you may not. But you will never know unless you try. In the end you have maximize your pleasure, I believe, whatever that means for you.

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I spoke to my ballet teacher last night and she was fine with me taking classes at the other school, in fact she said as a major I should be taking more than one class per week!!


Thank you for your supportive words!

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Sometimes a new teacher will help you work thru an issue you have been struggling with. A new approach can be most helpful and the energy from a different group of dance students can also have a great impact.

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