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Teen Ballet Classes...for a non-beginner?

Guest allthatjazz

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Guest allthatjazz

Well, I'm not the avid dancer. I've been dancing since the age of 3, but I first joined a ballet studio at age 5. I absolutely adored it, and continued my classes until age 11. Unfortunately, I then gave it up mainly since I was a tad bit chubby and my ballet teacher well, constantly picked on me. Now I realise it was because I had potential, but I didn't understand back then. And I quit.


It was a choice that haunted me. I quit right before going on pointe (which my teacher had been hinting at) and I realised what a mistake I made. I was in grade 4 ballet at that time..but I just gave it up.


In September however, I realised that I needed to be involved in all arts for the Highschool I'm applying to. (Cawthra Park Secondary School, for their R.A.P [Regional Arts Programme]) Now, I'm a musician at heart, not a dancer but I love dancing...but I definately don't have the enormous talent. In any case, this year I started up with Modern classes after a big discussion with my Ballet teacher. She told me if I was to start Ballet over again, I'd be with 10 year olds, and I wouldn't be able to start pointe because of my absence. I was very dissapointed mainly because I never liked Modern much.


In any case, my Modern classes are going pretty well. But I really would like to get back into ballet, but a Teen class isn't for somebody who has a pretty indepth Ballet knowledge already.


Any suggestions? I would really appreciate them.

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Since you left ballet at 11, and are now applying to a high school, I assume that means that there has been a gap in training for the last few years. Even if you know the material intellectually, there is an excellent chance that your body has forgotten a great deal about it, and you're going to have to start at a lower level than you were when you took your break. I don't see why, however, that it would completely preclude your taking pointe, say by your junior or senior year.

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Guest angeline

hi there.. i think you should continue ballet although you have to join little girls.

as long as you like it, there's no prblem for it.

i'm sure that you will catch up with them very fast..

so don't worry about it. your teacher will swap you into a higher grade as soon as you catch up with those work.

so that's what i think.. anyway, dont give up!!!




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Guest lostchyld

Speaking from a similar experience and a larger age difference, there's absolutely nothing wrong with dancing with 10-year olds. In fact, I'm enjoying myself immensely. So what if I quit after having passed Grade 5 RAD and so what if I'm now taking Grade 2 Cecchetti, it's still ballet, it's still fun, even if the steps seem much easier than I wish they were. Do a year to refresh your memory, after that, you'll probably be able to move into classes closer to your age level. Also ask your instructor if you can double up on class levels. Take the easier class with the 10-year olds and then take one level up from that.


Also, 10-year olds are refreshingly undramatic. It's something to consider if you're starting high school.

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Guest allthatjazz

Aha. Thanks guys. <3


Well, I'm taking a modern class right now that will warm me up for a little bit. As for the advice, I'll definately take it. I wish I would've asked you guys earlier, but I suppose I'll have to live with start ballet at age 14. =S


Mel, I have a favor to ask of you. I saw that somebody asked you if a ballet school in their area was a rather good one. I was wondering the same thing about the ballet school I'm in. If you have any spare time, I'd REALLY appreciate you giving me some feedback.


Cristina Pora, I've known as a child and my family has known her forever since we are both Romanian but if you find that she somehow lacks what's needed in a professional ballet teacher, I would need to find another ballet school in my area. o.x;;

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Well, Ontario is kinda big, and I can't claim first-hand knowledge of a lot of it, but if you're talking the Leeds/Grenville Riding, I'm not bad at that. Apart from that it's TO and Quinte in Belleville, and maybe something about Windsor, but it's been a human age, so my info there is very dated.


If you're in Ft. Severn, lotsa luck! :innocent:

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Guest allthatjazz

Aye! I forgot to copy the address link into the reply. Damn, doing homework and chatting about ballet at the same time surely isn't working for me. :innocent:




There we go. So sorry about that.


Actually, I'm located in Mississauga, which is right beside T.O (Toronto to Non-Torontonians).

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Things seem to be in pretty fair order there, and their placement record is good. I wish that they'd keep jazz to the Teens, but at least they keep Hip-hop in its place. If you're in Mississauga, I guess that looks as good as any I know of around there, National excepted, of course.

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