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Hello Everyone. I have a student who will be spending next summer in Paris. She has been asking me for info on where she might be able to take ballet classes while away. Any info would be appreciated!h

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I have just been back from Paris. Maybe if you give a bit more info about this student, I might help you. I have been to great classes, and not so great ones. It also depends on when exactly she wil be there, because I understood that some schools close in summer and/or have summer intensives during that time. Her age/level might also dictate which classes would be best for her.

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Well, she will be 19 years old next summer, and will be there most of June, July, and August. She started dancing late, and although she has a lovely facility, really has not reached an advanced level yet. Advanced-intermediate, I would say. She knows enough French to make her way around, and take care of daily business, but I don't want to send her very far outside of Paris for classes.

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As I am not a resident of this beautiful city, I can only tell you about the classes I enjoyed the most while I was there.


I think her best bet would be to go at la Sallel Peyel, located at Ternes Metro station (2 minutes walk from metro station). There are two schools in that building . One of them is Centre de Danse de Paris Goube (Jennifer Goube teaches at the Paris Opera School). There were daily morning classes while I was there. Centre de Danse de Paris Goube. Although those classes were advertised open for all, they were clearly geared towards professional/advanced dancers, but some intermidiate/advanced dancers did take that class as well. I could manage to do the barre work only, just fine (even though they were challenging, the sequences given were very simple and logical for me). What I did is that after barre work at that school, located on the second floor, I would go to the third floor to:Ecole de danse Stanlowa and attend the intermediate classes.


Both schools thaught the French technique, which took me quite some time to understand, since I am trained in the Vaganova syllabus. At Stanlowa, there was an very good Vaganova trained teacher, Yulia Danchina, if I recall correctly.


However, I would strongly suggest that your student e-mails those two schools and asks for the summer schedule when she will be about to leave for Paris. This is what I did and both were very kind in responding. It will help if she speaks French.


I did prefer those two schools because of the quality of their studios, the fact that they had pianists and were not too crowded. All their teachers were ex-POB dancers. There are other schools too, like Rick Odums and Centre du Marais but did not enjoy the latter.


I really hope this helps. Maybe some Parisians woul be able to tell you more about the hidden gems of the city.


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A friend of mine subscribes to the British ballet magazine "Dance Europe". You can see their website here: http://danceeurope.net/


Evidently in every issue they have listings for open classes, including classes in Paris. Another friend of mine is in Paris right now with her daughter and used those listings to locate some open classes. Of course I haven't gotten a report yet (they're still abroad), but it's another good resource.


I hear you can buy this magazine off the rack in select locations. Or you can order a single issue from the website. I've just ordered a subscription myself - the current issue features several San Francisco dancers - Gonzalo Garcia, Yuan Yuan Tan, Joan Boada! :jawdrop: It also features Mark Morris who just choreographed Sylvia on the San Francisco Ballet. A *great* ballet!



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Thank you both! This is certainly a good start -- and I've reminded my student that she will be there long enough to look around for classes on her own once she's there. Thanks!

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My pleasure!

I hope she will have a wonderful time in Paris. The city is so beautiful in summer and there is so much to do, to see...and to eat!

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I dance at the Ecole Agnes Faure , in the 8th part of Paris, and it's opened all summer ; very accessible by tube, and a nice atmosphere . If you want more info, just ask :)

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If you don't mind, Minty, out of curiosity, how would you (objectively) compare your school ( I almost went to try it there too, but lacked the time) and other shools like Goube or Stanlowa! I could use this info for my next trip!


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Don't mind at all ! Actually, I go to Stanlowa too, with a teacher called Antonio Alvarado ; I've never been to the Goube studio, but I've heard not so good things about Jennifer Goube ;

compared to Stanlowa, I guess the lessons are more organised (you don't have one group with eight people and one with two) and there are usually two groups , one difficult and one easier ; the studio is a bit bigger too . One of the teacher is very good, she's called Anne-Marie, the other one not so good in the middle.other questions ? :)

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Thank you. I will keep this in mind. At the Goube school, my teacher was a guy, but I forgot his name. I found him quite good actually. Thanks again :)

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I'm moving to Paris this summer and would like to find a place to dance. Something more geared towards the beginner/intermediate level. I'm havin trouble finding a place. Any recommendations?

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No suggestions here just a very envious person!!!!! :)


I know there are several people on this board from France. I think one is Estelle and the other Balletowoman.


Perhaps one of them can help.


I'll do some checking too, & see if anyone I know has a recommendation.

Clara 76

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I found this information from the web & the schedule looks pretty busy so here goes:



Schools :

Paris :

Le Centre de Danse du Marais

41, rue du Temple - 75004 Paris (FRANCE)

Tél : 33 (0)1-42-72-15-42 Fax : 33 (0)1-42-77-71-57

E-mail : info@paris-danse.com

Theirs is a very complete and informative website.

The person who recommended this school goes there for open classes every time he visits Paris. He really recommends this school, and also added :

"One of the interesting things that the Marais Centre does is to hold special workshops on Sunday afternoons, where you can work on some particular dance project more intensively.

Here is the link to their schedule:Paris-Danse


Strasbourg :

Centre de Danse Classique (only intermediate and advanced classes)

With Ms Emilia Demirova

8, rue l'Ecurie , F- 67000 Strasbourg

Tel. 3 88 32 81 69

She teaches the "St. Petersbourg method" . She is really good and especially strict in placement!


As stated before, I have no personal affiliation with either of these places. The comments are from the person who created the website where I found the info. so please do your research. Perhaps an e-mail or phone call would be a good idea.


Also, Cygneblanc is a member of Ballet Talk for Dancers and she's from France.

Perhaps she can assist too!


Another thing to try is www.balletcompanies.com. Click on France & you'll find links to all the professional companies in France, then you can narrow it down to places near where you'll be in Paris, places that offer open classes, etc.


Good Luck!

Clara 76

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Oh & Welcome MAB!


I just realized that you're new here.

I'm sure you'll get the official welcome soon!

Clara 76

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