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Guest pink tights

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Guest pink tights

I'm thinking about auditioning for a musical theater production (professional company), as they have a need for "mature" female dancers. I haven't auditioned in years so I have no idea what people wear these days! Please don't say sweats!!!

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I'm not sure about the attire, but just be sure that you are neat and wearing something that the body can be seen. It does not necessarily have to be ballet pink and black :thumbsup: And DEFINITELY wear make up!!! And make your hair look great. Not just an ordinary bun, but something much more interesting, like a French Twist or something :)

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Don't get too fancy with the attire. Wear a simplier version of what you would normally wear to class. Meaning...no leg warmers, or tank tops over your leotard. Do your hair and makeup the way it works for you. If a french twist looks the best then go for it, just make sure that you aren't fussing with the style if you arent used to it. Wear makeup that makes your face look natural...dont pile on the stage makeup! You want to stand out but you don't want what you are wearing or what you look like to distract from your actual dancing.

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At most MT auditions, the females wear jazz pants and jazz boots unless the role calls for ballet/pointe, tap or character shoes. I've seen women wear a full skirt with character shoes (depending on the part). Obviously, you don't want to wear a costume or anything too busy. However, you want your outfit to be flattering and help draw attention to you. If you can share the name of the show, I might be able to point you in a particular direction. For instance if the show is "Chorus Line" regular dance attire would be appropiate. Break a leg! :)

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I would say that if you are comfy in a leo and tights, then wear that. When I have dance callbacks, I'll usually wear that with a skirt, or jazz pants with a dance top- it depends how "dancery" the show is.

Definitely do yourself up so that they can tell how pretty you will look onstage. :D

Break a leg!

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A black unitard can be really flattering for auditions, shows your body well :D


Maybe that and some jazz shoes...


Make up - I think its very important to make your eyes stand out, use a combination of white and black eyeliner, black on the eyelid and white under the eye to make your eyes look bigger!! And also a red lipstick or at least a dark colour!


Hair - French plaits are nice, I like having two coming from the top of my head then going into a bun or a ponytail.


..hope this helps..



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Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. I always look at my class attire that makes me feel pretty, and "refine" from there. Don't wear something you're uncomfortable in because you overthink it. Lipstick is always nice.

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As a guy, i find black very sexy. Black leo and black tights (not heavy ballet tights) is great and will hide any sins. Bring several shoes, character jazz ballet tap. Make sure any tight you wear is convertible, you never know when you will dance barefoot. Keep you bag in sight, you never know when theft will take place.


Character shoes with a heel are very flatteering, and give the leg a longer line than jazz shoes.


good luck!

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The black or tan character shoe question is a good one, but depends on what you will wear most. If you think you will be wearing/auditioning in flesh colored tights a lot, then get tan, if you feel more comfy in black tights or black jazz pants or a unitard, then get black to keep the leg line. :P

Just a heads up- the basic capezio t strap is really not a good shoe- very annoyingly stiff and the back of the heel (around your foot) is really low. I have pairs that were bought for me for shows that I just couldn't wear, so I wore my own LaDucas or a more expensive capezio shoe that I got in a show as well.. Maybe check out some other brands if you can- I think SoDanca makes a character shoe..

Have fun!!

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I learned one thing auditioning for musical theater (non-professional) and that was not to wear a long loose sweater over your dance clothes when you don't know all the people involved. You may have a singing or reading audition to do separately and if you put something baggy over and that is the first thing they see...well, I was cheerfully asked by the music director if I was pregnant right in front of everybody and right as I was about to sing for him.

I still had a decent waistline then too!

I'd go for a black leo with tan tights and black jazz pants over. You would be ready to take them off if you need to. A colorful tight sweater (the pink ballet wrap one) wouldn't hurt.



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Oh Laschwen! How awful.

But yeah, at auditions in general (for anything) you want to show what your body looks like- you don't have to be super skinny or anything, but don't wear clothes that hide your shape.

The auditors are looking for a product, and need to see if you fit into what they need- body/hair/voice/dance etc....

The story of my life! :blink:

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Guest pink tights

SingerWhoMoves--ever had any experience with Capezio Manhattan character shoes, or is it wiser to go with the classic 1.5 inch character? You have been so kind to advise me!!

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Pink Tights,

I have seen the Capezio manhattan.. I haven't tried it on. It looks better to me than the regular t strap (the mass market one) as the quality control for these has gone so far down since they changed the last and the factory that makes them. When is your audition and when are you planning to buy/order the shoes? I will probably be near capezio tomorrow and would be happy to try them on and give you an opinion... of course every foot is different as we all know from posting here!

Let me know... Also if there are any other kinds you would like me to check out.

What size shoe are you? I seriously have a pair of tan t straps that I got from a show that I will never ever wear if you happen to wear a 9. :)

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