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My oldest d graduated from W & M in June and had a wonderful experience there. She was a Bio/Government major, but did rub shoulders with the Dance Dept. when she took a modern class to fulfill her required fine arts credit. (She thought she did fairly well in the class, and when I asked her if it was because of her few. long-ago years of training at our ballet school, she said, "No, it's because I can count." Apparently not everyone in class could. :) )


My youngest d would love to go to W & M, and is thinking about a possible dance minor, in part because she's hoping it would boost her chances at admission a bit. W & M is extremely selective for out-of-state students, and rigorous for VA residents as well. I think she could prepare a nice audition tape, which might help with her overall application.


Looking at W & M's website, it seems the emphasis for minors is on choreography. The highest level offered in ballet, according to the catalog, is intermediate:


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Can anyone add new comments about William and Mary's dance program? Has it improved since last year or is anyone now in the program??

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Bumping this up for any information on whether a dance minor might increase your chances of admission from out of state. It's been almost ten years since any comments, so just throwing it out there.

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We just visited this campus and inquired about the dance program. It is modern based. They offer only two sections of intermediate ballet which do not include pointe. You can see the class offering on their website. They offer a minor in dance.

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Very modern but good modern with a high quality, very involved student company and chances for choreography but not designed to produce professionals IMO. The academics at W and M really make it quite difficult for students to do extra curriculars. Most students spend A LOT of time studying. They are happy and well-adjusted and successful but study ALOT.

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