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Uncomfortable Tights


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I have a single pair of pink ballet tights (I'm just starting!). I love the look of them, and the way they fit my legs, but they come so high in the torso! They tend to form a little "roll" right underneath my rip cage and constrict me until I feel like I'm getting cut in half. :green: Do they make low-rise ballet tights?

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Yes, Capezio do hipster tights. I presume Discount Dancewear supply them. The problem if you cut them is that as soon as you put them on they will give you millions of little ladders. You could try turning them down and sewing them into that position and somehow loosening the elastic. I am sure there are plenty of tricks to this and hopefully someone will share them. :green:



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They make tights in just about every shape and size, including low-rise. A couple of other options are what brand you're using... I found Danskin and Baryshnikov to have much less restrictive waistbands than Capezios. If you get the ultra-soft microfibre type tights in these brands, the waist is quite comfy. My personal favorite is the Baryshnikov (never can find them in stores though), nice waistband and looong. At 5'8", I value those long tights when I can find them.


Here's a link to Discount Dance's tights section which has them broken up by category on the left side.


Another thing that I do when I want zero line at for tights is snip the waistband. This is useful when you have a pair that are just too darned tight and you refuse to wear them - this can salvage the tights. I personally don't mind if I have minor holes or ladders, so keep this in mind, like Xena said you might have some running afterwards.. I've been known to wear tights that had ladders from the front to back of my thigh, all the way down my leg :green:


Good luck!

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