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ABT's city center performances


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Last sunday was the last performance of ABT's city center rep.

I saw Kleidoscope(leads were gillian and ethan, kent and hallberg), upper room(a lot of people in company), afternoon of the faun (maxim and maria reccetto), corsaire pas(paloma and jose).

I enjoyed the performance very much. Kleidoscope was pretty good. The costumes were so pretty!!! :green:

I loved Upper room. It was really contemporary but the music and background(really dark so you never can tell who is coming out or not) was great. the dance at first was slower and then it builds up to the climax. it looked sooo hard stamina wise..

Anyone seen other ABTs rep during city center performances??

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I went to go see it on opening night and I thought it was pretty sweet also!! LOVED Kliediscope (sp?)! The costumes were great, and very colorful. My favorite was actually Rodeo, It was incredibly well done and really was a nice end to the performance!

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It is a 6+hr round trip bus ride for me every time to go to NYC to see ABT, however after living 10yrs in areas where NO ballet companies ever came, I was starved and spent all last summer and this fall attending ABT performances at the Met and City Center. So at City Center I saw Angel Corella do "Corsair" pas de deux, with Xiomara Reyes and Paloma Hererra; "Tchaikovsky pas de deux" with Xiomara, and everything else ABT did except "Dark Elegies".


Thursday's "Corsair" was interesting because I believe Angel Corella had just returned from performing in Spain almost the day before and after a particular landing about 1/3 thru the opening adagio, I thought he was being just a little bit more careful thru the rest of it. (Xiomara was fine.) Saturday, however was different: Maybe a day of rest helped but, he really seemed to be enjoying himself, threw himself into it, and of course the audience just loved it. Paloma, however, looked much more solid after the exquisite Xiomara on Thursday.


During the following week's "Tchaikovsky pdd", Xiomara fell (due to a wing draped badly) as she pique'd off and the audience groaned/gasped--just as Angel made his entrance--what a shock that must have been for all! But she returned and finished the performance, and of course they both got a standing ovation. Interesting note: Corella did much higher hop/tours in the pirouettes a la seconde than Baryshnikov did way back when. What fun.


"Kaleidescope" IS pretty, (saw same leads) but not that memorable. I saw Joffrey do "Green Table" almost 20 years ago, loved it, and wondered what took so long for others to do it. It is still very relevant to the world today, and should be performed more often.

At a matinee, "...Upper Room" had major problems with so much atmospherics that in the Mezz/Balcony where I was, we could not see ANYTHING. And it wasn't until the complaints reached a crescendo that I saw an ABT staffer run out (and I guess inform the crew to lessen the smoke a little) so we could actually see the dancers. I think it is a great effect to have dancers disappear/appear in the fog, but please NOT completely invisible, and especially when I've ridden 6hrs and paid for my ticket in full to see them!


:) Also, some idiot(s) took flash pics during that matinee. Why weren't their cameras confiscated, and the perpetrators escorted from the theater?! This is SO dangerous! At BB performances, they always announce no pics before a perf. and if it happens, you are out of there!



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I agree, what did you see this summer at ABT?


I went alone, and paid for overnights alone so crammed in as much as I could... Both matinee/eve perfs. of Swan Lake: (Corella/Herrera-mat., Bocca/Kent-eve.) July 2nd, and a matinee of Giselle (Corella/Reyes) with mom --that took a week of convincing because she's afraid of NYC. (I also would have liked to have seen Raymonda, Sylvia, the Tchaikovsky mixed-rep., and Petrouchka--which I haven't seen since Joffrey 20 years ago.) Now that I am more familiar with navigating the city I intend to see many more performances this summer, though it's always a choice between a VERY late night bus/train home, or a hotel and spending the extra $ I don't have. But ballet is all.

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