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Where is Natalia Makarova now?

Guest alaspuria

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Guest alaspuria

Hi, new to the forum.

I was just wondering whether anybody here knows what Natalia Makarova is up to now; is she still actively involved in ballet? I read that in 2003 she staged Sleeping Beauty for the Royal Ballet. Does this mean she lives in London?

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Her 2003 production of Sleeping Beauty, it appears will be short-lived, as the Royal will have a new production in 2006 to mark the 75th anniversary.


I was also under the impression that she sometimes works with ABT? Will have to dig up my bios sometime and check.

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Have just checked my programs from her stagings of both Bayadere and Sleeping Beauty at the Royal Ballet.


Her staging of the Shades for ABT was in 1974, and the full-length Bayadere in 1980 for ABT. She has staged 'Shades' for NBoC, ENB, and SFB. The full Bayadere has been staged by her for the Royal Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet, La Scala, Australian Balle, Teatro Colon, Ballet de Santiago, Finnish National Balle, Teatro Municpal, and Hamburg. She has staged Swan Lake and Paquita as well.


It doesn't say where she is based, but considering everything in the bio and all the companies she's worked with, sounds like she's probably based in an airplane!!! :P

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