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Are dance sneakers ok wear as regualar trainers or should they be used for dance only? I really like the idea of being able to point and rise while waiting for the bus! :wink:

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These shoes are not designed to support your foot the way regular street shoes do. If you have even the slightest hint of plantar fascia problems, these shoes are a No-No, including in the studio.

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Sansha offers an insole for some models to adapt them for street wear. The one thing is, that they will get very dirty and may not be allowed in the studio by teachers if they notice.

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Male person with little interest in shoes speaking.


I’ve worn jazz sneakers for casual wear for several years. Have worn them in business meetings for that matter. Why I have no idea. Certainly not because of style (a characteristic I lack) or comfort. Well, perhaps a little for comfort as they are more comfortable than regular leather shoes and don’t look like sneakers (I buy the black canvas upper Capezios that cost about $35 and have no distinguishing characteristics). Perhaps I want to advertise that I am a dancer, though only dance people would recognize that they are a dance shoe.


I wouldn’t want to take an hour long hike in them, but for general getting around they are fine. Yes, they don’t last as long as regular sneakers, but they are also cheaper. As to the notion of “support,” remember the best way to keep your feet healthy is not to wear any shoes at all. And when dirty, a little cleaning and liquid black polish makes them look new.

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Jazz shoes (or other dance shoes) at minimum $30/pair are not all that much cheaper than regular sneakers, unless you routinely wear Gucci or Coach, and they will fall apart much faster, not to mention tracking all kinds of dirt into the studio--yes, that same floor on which you lay down to stretch. They are made to be worn on a smooth floor, not concrete, and what if you get caught in the rain? Bad idea, IMO.

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Thanks for all your replies.


I don't do any other type of dance apart from ballet so tracking dirt into the studio is not an issue, they would be purely for everyday wear.

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I need to start buying my sneakers (Nike, New Balance, or whatever is on sale as I’m essentially cheap) where Hans buys his! Pair of regular sneakers generally lasts me about a year. I run, exercise, and take long walks in them, however. Also wear them in the winter casually. I’d say I’m hard on them overall. My jazz sneakers last about 18 months and I wear them in the spring, summer and fall without socks, which causes them to fall apart sooner. They are horrible in any kind of wet weather I will say. Also do some jazz/modern (heresy I know) in my garage using them (concrete floor). Overall, I think what I buy wears well. They do turn well on concrete.


Ironically, I find jazz sneakers horrible for jazz class, at least where I take class. Completely glued to the floor. A quarter turn requires effort. I tried them once and that was enough.

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I've learned my lesson about regular jazz shoes and Harlequin floors (the Allegro) the hard way. My foot stuck to the floor doing a turn and that's how I broke it and have spent the last three months in a boot. Fortunately the floors at our regular studio are different, this was while I was on vacation visiting my family in Hawaii and took a class at my old studio. I should have clued in when the teacher said she usually danced in socks. :yes:



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