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Petite Allegros


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I love petite allegros soo much :wink: ! The problem is that I can't seem to make them bouncy or do many beats. I try to plie more and use my inner thighs but it doesnt seem to help. Suggestions?

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Practice, practice, practice.


In order to build speed and precision, a student must learn to make full use of the articulation of the entire leg during petit allegro. The full extent of ballon won't be revealed unless the ankles and feet in particular are completely used during the combinations.

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i LOVE petite allegro as well. (and beats)

i find when i don't stress about my work, i get a better jump, and it also has a lighter feel.

as Mr Johnson said, this just comes from practice. once you are more comfortable with a step, you will find you can relax more when you do the step.

As an interesting point to though, i have found i jump higher when i am nervous. like in my intermediate exam i had to do the jete ordinare excercise which always tired me and i could never get the whole way through without my technique slipping, but in my exam, i felt like i was flying, my jump was so much lighter, and the ballon came so easily. i wasn't even puffed ot the end.

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Yesterday, my teacher made a comment that in order to be in correct timing with petit allegro music, your speed needs to be right on the edge of the note...Whereas adagio, you can play with the music phrasing and elongate the length of the notes.

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