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Guest SwanDancer

Okay,here's the thing I've been doing Ballet since age 5.But ever since I've moved to Jersey I've been sort of out of the loop because my dance school closed.I attended this new dance school but it did'nt have the professional atmosphere I was looking for and plus I caught a never ending stream of colds and the flu so by the time I was better I'd missed alot(5 months).Now I don't know if a school will even let me in due to the fact that I have'nt been in a studio for a year.If I even wanna keep the hope of dancing for a company alive I have to get out there and fast.HELP! :P

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A lot depends on where you are. If you're in Cape May, that's one thing. If you're in Fort Lee, that's another.

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OK, so right in the middle, near Trenton. Hey, that puts you in excellent position to get to Princeton! Just as far in the other direction is Lambertville. Princeton Ballet School at one, Mill Ballet School at the other.

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Thanks for the response. We are actually looking into Princeton ARB's summer program. This would probably be a good opportunity to check them out.


Thanks again.

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