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I was wondering how one would classify the classes I have been going to in general for a while now.

If the class does brisse's (not sure of spelling) across the floor and the students are expected to know how already, what level would that be? Maybe the real question is when do they get introduceed generally? I must have missed that day in class if it is not supposed to be advanced.

I had a third year (3X/week) class while in high school and never had that introduced. We did tour jetes in there and I never saw those again in any beginner or intermediate class I took.



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Brisés generally are introduced in the third or fourth year of training in many systems. They are actually a "broken" glissade from fourth to fourth in their earliest form before they tightened into a fifth position. The body and the working leg are in effacé in the "plain vanilla" brisé. As to grand jeté en tournant entrelacé, that comes along about the same time, right after the student has a grasp of fouetté sauté.

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Thank You. That gives me a pretty good idea.

This class is supposed to be beg/intermediate on Tuesdays and Int/Adv on Fridays. Generally one can't tell the difference by day of the week if you are in there. Everything is given like one already knows how to do it too. That only changes when there is a majority of beginners in attendance and there is a general train wreck of a step or combination. It can be a little mind blowing but I am still going.

Unfortunately there is no true beginner class offered for adults in this school and I think in this area.



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In the RAD syllabus, brises come in the Intermediate class. Actually there are loads of them - to my dislike, the brise exercise contains 12 brises in total!

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In our school, brises are generally taught in the adult level Intermediate 2. So in practice most adult students would encounter the brise for the first time in their 4th year of study if they started dancing as adults and took several classes in a week.


If by tour jete you mean grand jete en tournant entrelace (the step sounds like it would be the same - a terminology difference?) that is also, I think, considered Intermediate 2 material in our school. My class studied brises in the autumn and grand jete en tournant entrelace in the spring, but I don't know if this is done in the same way in all classes in our school.



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I think we had entrelacé before we had brisés. I seem to recall entrelacés were introduced to that particular class in the end of the intermediate 1 (third) year, and brisés sometime during intermediate 2 (fourth year). But my memory might be off. (Same school as Päivi above, different teacher.)

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I graduated High Schol before I got to take the fourth year class. Ballet was a Phys Ed. choice in my school. I started there in 10th grade when the school was brand new. My guess is that it would have been introduced the next year.

One of the students in my adult class has been going there for 8 years now after 20 off. Jumping is really her thing too.

I just wonder if I should be asking if there will ever be a true beginner class offered where some of these more advanced things actually get introduced; even once a week, for those of us needing to catch up. Maybe if the beginners who come don't get too scared off too soon and the growth I have seen continues????


Thanks all,


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