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Unitard questions


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I have an older unitard with long sleeves. It is 86% supples and 14% lycra. I am wondering if the supplex is supposed to help keep one cooler and dryer than other fabrics or if I might be courting heat stroke wearing it before things get very cold around here.???


The thing is it fits so well, and I am sick of my other too tight leos. I just got another one that is tank style in the mail and it is 90% cotton and 10% lycra. It didn't fit as well so I have re-ordered to get the XL. I can get in the Large but it is a little tight in some places and could shrink being cotton. That wouldn't work.


I didn't realize it would be from a different company or have different fabric. The first one is from a company called One Step Ahead and the second is from Sports One. Both have amazing length in the legs. They bunch at my ankles and I am about over 6 feet tall.


I also want to know if people are wearing some kind of underwear with these or relying on skirts for a bit of privacy?

These are just indecent compared to tights and leos, on me anyway. I still wear a skirt most of the time anyhow. They have cotton panels in the crotch so I think they are meant to be worn without anything like tights and leos bit I just don't think so.....



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Hi Laschwen, I love wearing my unitard to classes - there's so much less to worry about, tug at, etc. I wear a pair of tights under mine for some added support (I hate feeling the dreaded "jiggle thighs") and a sports bra. On the rights I cut off the top 3/4 of the waistband do it doesn't dig into me and produce those oh so unsightly rolls!

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I wear tights with mine as well, and because I'm self-conscious, usually a skirt or so. When I was a bit smaller I didn't worry about the skirts, but a nice, simple ballet skirt also makes me feel more dancery....

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I don't wear anything under them- it makes me feel bulky. I do wear full warmers (the fold over kind) or a skirt depending on the temp in the studio. Well, I wear an industrial strength sports bra under, but I wear that under everything if I'm being active.

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I don't think I 'll be able to stand the heat build up if I wore tights under. I think it will just have to be the skirt.

I don't know if it will ever be cold enough in there to be comfy in the long sleeve supplex one though. Others are cold when I am warm these days.

Yesterday turned out to be about 70 degrees out so I wore my regular tights and leo after all. I really do like the way this So Danca leo holds my belly in, even if it is pretty tight all over.

I love the idea of not having much of anything to tug on in class. The cotton Uni should be here in time to wear it Friday.



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I wear tights with mine as well, and because I'm self-conscious, usually a skirt or so.  When I was a bit smaller I didn't worry about the skirts, but a nice, simple ballet skirt also makes me feel more dancery....



I tried the new unitard without anything under but the skirt over. I still felt indecent but the skirt saved me. I will have to try the tights. The full front to back wedgie is something I don't care to feel again and don't want seen if the skirt flies up. :P:rolleyes:

I thought the room was warm when I got there and was worried but I was fine at the end.

I saw some dance undergarments in one of my catalogs and I'll have to try one of the panties. If they are nice and thin and don't make bad lines that may be the answer.

I'll stick with the skirt too. It is pretty and disguises the belly....




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When I was dancing we were told to wear pantie-liners (thin pads) under the unitards for performance, so that there was no line from tights or whatever, but also nothing embarrassing.

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I had this great idea that didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I was going for the tights to wear under and realized I had a bunch of control top pantyhose in the drawer that I hardly ever wear. They are thinner than my tights too.... I looked pretty good but it was WARM!

The dance brief has been ordered for next weeks class. I hope the XL fits.



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