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need help with an eye patch for Drosselmayer


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I vaguely recall Mel offering suggestions on this topic years ago, but SEARCH couldn't find it.


I'd like to add an eye patch to my Drosselmayer costume this year, but don't want to lose one eye. I need ideas for an eye patch that looks solid to the audience but can be seen through. Time is limited so if such things are available to buy, that is even better than making one myself. Thanks in advance!

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Relatively easy.


Take a double thickness of black illusion net and bind it around the edges with black ribbon. Then sew the thing to a ribbon to circle the head to hold it on. The wearer can see through, but when light strikes the patch from the front, it's opaque to the audience.

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Guest jdavidb

maybe you could put that illusion net over a clear eyeglass lens & punch the headband holes through the lens with a Dremel. A plastic lens would be easier to work with than a glass one. You could probably make a good lens out of some plastic toy part, a plastic coke bottle or maybe tupperware. There are also clear acrylic plastic sheets in larger sorts of hobby shops. Acrylic sheets are specifically for scratchbuilding, cutting and heat forming or whatever you wanna do with it.

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Sure! Plexiglas is easy enough to work with. You can even get it in a smoky grey.

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It's a very fine grade of tulle and you can buy it at a local Joanne's or other fabric shops, chain or not.

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