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Dancing Aliens: Doctoral Students at Conservatoire


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I will deliver a paper on perspectives of doctoral studies in dance (especially ballet) at the 'Performing and theorising knowledge' conferences hosted by they University of Glasgow, Arts and Humanities Faculty, 25. and 26 November 2005. Conference is free of charge but registration is required. Please find below my abstract :wink:


This paper deals with the problematic of doctoral research at dance conservatoires from the perspective of a doctoral research student at London Contemporary Dance School at The Place. The emergence of doctoral programmes in smaller dance conservatoires, such as London Contemporary Dance School raises a question meant to problematise the alienation effect that one does experience as a research student in a small dance conservatoire environment.


Dance studies include the training of future performers but is not limited to technicality only, and today it can be more accurately defined as a discipline that encompasses studies at foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and research level that renders dance education to a discipline beyond performance-orientated training. Undoubtedly, research in dance, that is, being research-active, thinking about research, requires the institution to put time and effort into the research process and the training of researchers in dance. Differently put, this movement towards broadening the discipline of dance into research level has opened new doors to research students but at the same time, without sufficient support at the right level, it may leave empty spaces of training at PhD-level.


Experiences and perceptions of a doctoral student in ballet at London Contemporary Dance School will be addressed in different ways: (i) reflections on choosing a dance conservatoire environment for a doctoral programme rather than a dance department of a university; (ii) reflections on being a research student at an elite dance conservatoire and (iii) its resulting alienation effect. This paper will conclude with a brief consideration of the future of doctoral programmes at dance conservatoires.


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I don't know if this is relevant to your topic, but the subject Ballet: vocational AND academic was the subject of a Ballet Independents' Group seminar several years ago, which Jennifer Jackson wrote about for Ballet.co. As it happened I took the minutes of that session. If you're interested, do PM me.

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I am definitely interested, will PM you.


PS: I do know Jennifer in person :wub:

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