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glasses and ballet class

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Hi everyone! I didn't know where to post this, since it is not a tecnique or a nutrition& health issue, so I' ll just post it here.

I have been wearing contact lenses since the age of 11 (!), I am 29 now, so that means 18 whole years. I have very serious vision problems and for that reason glasses never worked completely for me, which means I had to wear lenses all day long, whithout being able to use glasses as an alternative (and healtier) solution. A couple of days I was diagnosed with a serious eye infection and the eye-doctor advised me not to use lenses at all for a couple of weeks and to be very careful in the future when I'll start using lenses again (I will have to use them only for 7 hours a day, and the rest of it I will have to wear glasses).

So, 2 days ago I started wearing glasses - I don't see as well as with contacts, but I am glad that I found out in time and I prevented worst things from happening.

My problem is that I am not quite used to them yet and I am not sure how I am going to handle them during ballet class - I know it might sound stupid, but I don't know anyone who wears them during class.

Is there anything I should be especially careful of? Is it perhaps too inconvenient to exercise with glasses? Should I take a break until I can use contacts again?

Thank you very much for reading me!

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Elastics to secure glasses to the appropriate place are available all over. Try those. A quick homebrew version is just a couple of rubber bands connected at the back of the head.

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Usually I wear contacts, but occasionally I've been faced with the choice of glasses or uncorrected vision (baaaaaad). I find that there are really only two problems with glasses: sweat and turning. For turns, it really is easier to just take them off, so the key is to scout out a good resting place for your glasses so you can pop them off and on.


I would _not_ stop taking class altogether--nononononooooo.


If I am without glasses or contacts, I usually tell the teacher so that they'll know why I might be squinting or otherwise not really looking / focusing on things in a normal fashion.

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I wear glasses and have in all types of dance classes, even those modern and jazz classes with a lot of turning and up and down on the floor. I’ve noticed that most adults who normally wear glasses don’t wear them in ballet class, though there are a very few of us who do. Yep, we tend to be older and probably long ago lost any sense of vanity.


The only problem I have ever had is on hot days when I am sweating a lot and we are doing a turning combination. Sometimes I take them off for these combinations. Put them back on for allegro, however.


An optometrist once told me that pretty much everyone over the age of 40 needs glasses for one reason or another. Every time I see someone over that age, I wonder if they just need them for reading or are wearing contacts or just want to not be seen wearing glasses.

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Many of us here wear glasses throughout class and it doesn't seem to be a problem, although come to think of it, it seems less common to wear them in the pre-pro and other superadvanced classes. I have also seen people here wear glasses to swim, and with evening dresses. They are almost considered part of your face. And today's eyeglasses are much lighter and prettier and better secured to the head than they used to be when I was a kid.

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I have worn glasses since I was 10 and as I am extremely short sighted I need to wear them all the time.


I have had no problems wearing my glasses during class and they haven't come off yet!! I dance with younger girls and they tend to wear their glasses too if needs be.


I think you will be fine wearing your glasses once you get used to them and if they feel a little loose go back to the opticians and make sure that they have been fitted to your face properly, they shouldn't slip down your nose!! :wub:

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I am nearsighted but i really only need glasses when i drive, or at some sort of event that requires me to focus on something furthur away. Even though i don't wear glasses all the time my vision is still not great. (im still at that age where i am a little vain lol). Anyway, I never wear glasses during class but a few times when I have been practicing at home and just happened to be wearing glasses my turns have actually improved because I was able to focus on my spot better. I mean...no one really cares if you wear glasses or not. Like everyone has said, if you know they are going to fall off during certain combos just take them off. I know a few people who wear glasses sometimes to class and it doesnt seem to be a problem for them.

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Near-sighted here as well. :angry: My vision is bad, bad...but I can see well enough without them to at least squint and follow the barre and center work (I just wouldn't be able to read well). I wear contacts all of the time. Just had an opt appt last Saturday and got new O2 lenses.


I think that faced with the option, I'd go without glasses. It is like sports...you simply don't compete well all the while fearing you are going to lose what is on your face and/or the sweat and nose squishing (my nose is little).


Have you considered lasik?

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Glasses are better than nothing, being able to see helps bring a focus and directional clarity to your movement. The problem with glasses is limited perhipheral vision, and that is important for dance. Contacts really are better for dancing, it's not just vanity.

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I wear glasses during class, and it isn't a problem, except when sweat gets on the glasses, and the synthetic materials of my ballet clothes aren't very good at wiping sweat off without leaving major streaks. I don't use any straps to hold the glasses on either, and they're very light (they're Lindberg Air Titaniums, if that's useful to know). Strangely enough, when I take yoga classes, I must have my glasses off, probably because there are poses where your face is on the ground.



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Yes, I wear glasses in class too.... I am long-sighted & have worn them all the time since I was 5. (Never thought about it being a problem to be honest!)



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My daughter wears her glasses during class for everything but turn combos. She tries to keep them close so she can watch the instructor and watches the girl in front to make sure she is going to do it right. She has two problems if she wears them, they fling off sometimes during turns, and she has problems spotting if she does more than a single (they slip and where she is trying to focus for her spot moves). She has a ballet teacher that tried to keep her out of contacts since they aren't the heathiest for your eyes and he uses glasses as well. She finally got frustrated and got them a couple of months ago. I will admit I use to worry if she was dancing on stage close to the front. I knew she would fall off one day, never did though. lol

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I wear glasses during ballet class. I didnt know if it was against the rules or anything but as a guy I figured I would stand out anyway so I just wore them. I can see well enough to get through class without them, but wearing them ensures that I will see what I need to. Mine fit snug enough that in my beginner level classes I have only had to worry about them a couple times. This was due to sweat and fogging up though and not to sliding off my head.

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Why don't you just ask the teacher if he/she considers them hazard? I wear them in my class since I don't want to lose my contacts while jumping around!

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