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Pointe Opinion?

Guest jballet

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Guest jballet

This is a question I've been wondering about for awhile: What is the best age to go on pointe?

The studio I grew up at always made girls wait until they were really ready (about 12). When I was there, I went on pointe at age 10 because my teachers felt that I was technically ready and that I was taking enough classes a week (3 to 4 hours a day for 5 days a week), but I had to go and get doctor approval to make sure I wouldn't damage the bones in my feet. When I did start pointe, the teachers let my class do work on them only at the bar for one hour a week for about three months and then after that, we started doing work in the center for one hour a week after our class at the barre.

The studio my sister is currently at (and the one I was at before I had to quit) puts children on pointe when they are 7 or 8. I was sort of shocked by this at first, but then I found out that they are only on their shoes at the bar for about ten minutes in one of their classes during the week.

The second studio has been responsible for many proffesional dancers and has sent three students away to companies this semester alone. I just want to know your opinion on each of these methods because my younger sister (7) has been asked to start point classes next year. I don't want her to end up with injuries, so your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry this post is so darn long :wink:

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Very short answer to a long question......get your sister out of that place ASAP!!! I don't care if it's for two minutes, you simply do NOT place a 7 or 8, or even 9 or 10 year old in pointe shoes. And no, not even at the BARRE. :wink:


There is no one best age, as that will vary depending on the physical and technical ability of the student, the amount of training, and the quality of training. Somewhere between eleven and a half and thirteen. There is no rush. Much better to be physically more mature and very ready technically.

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