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I am hoping this is a hypothetical situation, but I’m not sure.

My husband and I will be moving next fall so that he can pursue a PhD. I’m excited about the move, but nervous because the selfish instincts in me know that I will have to find a new job, new friends, and *gasp* a new ballet studio.


The studio I am at is currently excellent. It is a good pre-pro studio, and takes its adults as seriously as the younger students. I actually take class with the younger students.


In my internet searches of the towns where the schools he is applying to are located I have found about half of them have serious pre-pro schools for students, although I can’t tell what kind of adult program they have or if they would let me be in their student division, others have dolly dinkles like crazy, and one doesn’t appear to have any sort of dance at all.


Hopefully we will go somewhere with a program like what I am in. If that doesn’t happen, my question. What would you do? Would you take the once-a-week, all-level adult class at the local pre-pro, or the ballet classes at a dolly dinkle? My insticnt is “I want to dance” but really, I don’t “just want to dance” because then I would be taking jazz classes, which are much easier for me. I want to learn how to do ballet. I can’t learn ballet with a once a week class, or with a dolly dinkle. So, then I lean to not dancing, because really it isn’t working towards my goal. But I don’t want to just quit.


I’m just looking for some advice and perhaps for someone to share their wisdom.

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Guest dance4joy

If I had to choose between a quality once-a-week class and a Dolly Dinkle, I'd DEFINITELY go with the first. While it would probably be difficult to progress in a once a week class at least you wouldn't be developing any bad habits or risking serious injury.

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I certainly will remember to look here for help once I do find my city.


Dance4joy, I think that is an excellent point, but let me clarify my question.

Is there a point to doing ballet once a week? Can it really be considered ballet? If my goal is to become a good ballet dancer, is a once a week class, doing anything to accomplish that goal? Or is it a goal I am going to have to put off until we move again?

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Not all places have internet sites. Get the local phone books (the actual paper ones...the old fashioned way) and literally call every studio in the area. Don't count out YMCA's, community centers, and colleges and universities. There are alot of "hidden classes" or great places to take ballet that aren't as obvious. Good luck.

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kellylynn has a very good point. Many schools do not have a web presense.


Don't even think about supporting the Dinkle by giving them your money. I'm sure many schools would allow an adult to attend classes in the children's division, if you demonstrate a serious attitude about improving. If you attend a serious school once a week, I'm sure the other students/teachers can help direct you to other quality instruction within driving distance.


Is there a point to doing ballet once a week?

--well, yes. Something's better than nothing!


Can it really be considered ballet?

--if it's plies and tendus and it's turned out...it's ballet.


If my goal is to become a good ballet dancer, is a once a week class, doing anything to accomplish that goal?

--well, you're not going to be gracing the stage of the Met anytime soon. But again, once a week is better than zero. Especially if you have a jazz class or something as well. But I'm sure you can manage to scrape together three classes a week of ballet in many areas of the country. I forgot what level you are, but 3 or (4 is better) is fine for most people to progress at the fundamental Intermediate levels.


I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work


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Skittl, I've been taking just one class a week this year for a variety of reasons, and have found that I'm still improving, although slowly. I really work hard in that one class -- I'm totally focused since I know that's it for the week -- and get a lot out of it.


That said, for substantial improvement, you probably do need more classes. It seems like if you found a pre-pro place with an adult classes, you might be able to arrange a similar situation to what you have now, also taking class with the kids. Good luck!

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Thanks so much for the reassuring posts.

And Kellylyn you're right- I will definetly get out a real phone book.


I'm guess I'm just nervous about another move, and this is something concrete I can worry about. And it's still 10 months away!

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Oh definitely don't give up - go for the one class a week if that's all you can get. I moved cities about 10 weeks ago (still unpacking :wink: ), and went from a one-class-a-week with absolute beginners to experienced dancers situation, to where I am now where I can get anything up to six or seven adult classes a week (I've just added a fourth class). I've found that my stamina and strength are gradually picking up in the eight weeks I've been doing more and better classes, and I'm learning well. Althougfh fouettés are still beyond me, we were doing renversé turns tonight, and I got the step at least once! So a good class will maintain what you have now, and when you're in a situation where you can do more, it won't take long to get back up to speed again.


But living with someone who's doing a PhD is another thing entirely ... :D

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The possible cities are

Madison, Wisconsin (looking at Ballet School of Madison)


Iowa City, Iowa (found some information about Nolte Academy of Dance, but they have a lot of non-ballet, and have read a few things about Kate Carol and Co, but haven't found a website for the school.)


West Layfette, Indiana (looking at Layfette Ballet School)


Tempe, Arizona (haven't found anything here)


Austin, Texas (this is my hometown so I know about Ballet Austin, but don't know about their adult program. I also know about Tapestry, but don't know what else to look at.)


Obviously, these are just things I have found through google and yahoo, I don't have a hometown phone book yet. And obviously, where I can find good ballet, is not going to factor into where we move :D

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When I last had to move away from where I had a good ballet class that was the worst thing about the move. It was worse than leaving friends I'd had for nearly 10 years, though this is probably the only place where saying this may not elicit horrified faces from all who heard me say it.

I am actually still in tough with several of those friends 12 years later in case some of you are gasping over my priorities.

Your advantage is this site and all the people on it who can help you find another school, even before you get to your new home. When I arrived where I am now, I didn't have a computer that could get internet access, much less know how to use it and it took a long time to even get a phone book for the nearish city where I finally found a ballet class. My town just doesn't have real ballet for adults and the kids are pretty hard up too.

I feel for you on that PHD thing. My hubby is about 3 semesters into his and there is still a long road ahead.

Feel free to PM any time you need to vent.



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I've spent a month a year for work in Austin over the last couple of years & revelled in what was offered at both Ballet Austin and Tapestry. I did the Ballet Austin beginners class which was below my level, but extremely well taught by one of the junior members of the company (or was it Company II?). She obviously enjoyed teaching and also enjoyed teaching adults, hands on corrections were given, and there was great enthusiasm & encouragement. I watched a bit of the most Advanced class and it looked challenging and well-paced. I preferred Tapestry as it was more fun and I found a great Cechetti based teacher there, and their Adult Modern class was superb also.


Why not search for your cities on this Board, particularly in the Pre-Pro forum?

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Skittl - I totally understand your concerns, and don't have much to add besides sympathy! I'm HOPEFULLY about 8 months from finishing my PhD, and in looking for jobs I find that I'm asking 'but can I dance there' first.... Not the best way to search for academic jobs!!!!

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I for one probably would not do ballet if I only could do it only once a week. I stopped swordsmanship for this very reason when I took up ballet and it became a priority: I did not feel there was much point of doing it in such small amounts that I could not progress. I only ended up spending two hours a week frustrated and feeling bad about it. It was better to stop altogether and concentrate on other things. Maybe I will go back one day?


That said, if your husband's move will be temporary - as it could very well be - you might want to take that once a week while also enjoying other stuff, to keep at least something of what you have, in order to be prepared to get back to it fully if you ever move to a place where that is possible.

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