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I'm finding that turning is difficult seemingly because of a) shoes and/or :wink: floor at my local studio. The floors are hard wood. My flats...leather. I say it is either thing because I can turn fine at home on solid surfaces.


I have ordered my shoes in canvas to see it that helps with turning. However, in the mean time, is there anything I can do that will make my shoes not stick so much to the floor? Perhaps something you can dust or spray on...or perhaps cover over.


Mucho gracias!

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I had the opposite problem - trouble turning in a new studio with a marley floor when I was used to wood. I did get separate shoes for each, which helped, but although it's improving I still find it much harder to turn on the kind of floor I'm least used to. Good luck!

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... is there anything I can do that will make my shoes not stick so much to the floor? 

Me too! Not that I can turn well anywhere, but new shoes this fall seem to stick distressingly often. I've worn canvas for two years, which works fine - at least, any problems are clearly body mechanics, not shoe mechanics. But they don't last very long, so I got some leather ones a couple months ago (all are Bloch, split sole). Frappe's, turns, etc - all stick at unexpected times. Seems that if I can stay on the sole patch it slides when I want - but any time I touch the actual shoe part, bam! :) I was advised by a teacher to hit the rosin box, which I've been doing three times a week for about six weeks now. Does that really work? How long does it take? Should I get a couple pounds of rosin to use at home? :D


Long ago I played the 'cello, so I am acquainted with rosin on bows. Do they make horsehair ballet shoes? :blushing:

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I haven't tried this, but I have heard baby powder helps (Marley only!!)--supposed to work for modern dancers who dance without shoes.


But be careful! If any dancers are coming onto that same babypowder-strewn floor with pointe shoes on, it becomes LETHAL!!! yikes! :)

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...and rosin on Marley is a no-no.....


Also, a little bit of rosin goes a VERY long way.


My classes are held in a studio with wood floors and they have a tendency to be too slippery, so I purchased 2 bags of rosin for the school to use. I think each bag was 1.5 lbs and we will have enough rosin to last through the end of this decade!

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NO baby powder on Marley floors, EVER! Sorry, but that is deadly for ballet and pointe work. If the floor is ONLY used for moder, maybe, but otherwise, no no no!

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Yes, some people used to "sneak" bits of baby powder onto thier slippers at my school. It's AWFUL to pick that up on pointe shoes. Very dangerous to the girls who are taking class on pointe.

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