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Nutcracker Performances


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:wink: OK - I know that our DS are rehearsing for their respective Nutcracker shows and I just want to wish all the parents and our boys dancers "Merde"!


I will be traveling this weekend to watch my son perform in his school's Nut for the first time in about 4 years. Very excited but nervous too! He will be Drosselmeyer and in the Russian Boys' dance in the matinee show and then performing the Arabian and Snow pas de deux at night. Just spoke with DS who sweated through first dress rehearsal and missed his big lift for the very first time - nerves, with everyone watching :blink: He's thankful it's out of his system now. Oh - I hope I can sit through it all!!! :D


Thanks for listening! Good luck to everyone - may all that hard work and dedication be appreciated by everyone - family, friends and dancers!

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Thanks dancemomCA!


Merde to you and your son also! (I just learned what that means, by the way! :yes: )


We aren't quite to the thinking about seeing performances stage just yet, but rather still trying to get through the grueling rehearsal schedule!


I am looking forward to the lull that happens in January! I think they should make an advent calendar for parents with dancers in Nutcrackers....(Only X more days until the last performance..... :wink: ) ha ha!

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Merde!! :yes::wink: to your son. I am sure all will go well. As dd's old ice skating coach used to say, "never do a perfect program in practice, you will leave it on the ice. Always best to make at least one mistake, and save perfection for the competition!" This applies to performances as well. :shrug:

Your son will do wonderful!!!

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:wink: Too funny, Dancetaxi.


I no longer drive to rehearsals, but remember having a complete meltdown one year, crying in my bathroom as I was trying to meet the demands of 3 kids who each had to be somewhere and knowing what would happen if I was late for Nut rehearsal - not a pretty picture! Now I just buy the tickets and show up for the performances!


Here's to January! Cheers! :yes:

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Guest sehoy13

I have a love-hate relationship with January. Yes, no Nutcracker, but oh, the audition season. Actually, I enjoy going to the auditions and meeting ballet parents with different experiences.

Merde to all. We are off to another rehearsal.

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DancemomCA - we're in the "3 kids and everyone has to be somewhere" mode right now. Yes - it's enough to bring tears to the heartiest of us. If DS is late, he's not "giving 100%." Even if it's our fault he's late. Last week I wrote down the wrong times. He was in the car waiting, thinking his watch was wrong. I was inside having an actual conversation with my husband! DS is all done with Nutcracker after Thanksgiving. He is so excited - for it to be nearly over, not to actually perform. (So are the brothers and parents.) He doesn't like Nutcracker but is always pressured (guilted) into performing. At least it's in November, which gives him - and us - a break. With the shorter days - and rehearsals usually going until 6 on Saturday or Sunday - he's been "sun deprived." He's excited to have some free weekends coming up to be outside with non-dance friends before the really cold part of winter sets in around January. Good luck to all your sons!

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:) Thanks Vision for your good wishes. He did a great job, as did his lovely partner and the entire school. It was so emotional for me - he is finally maturing into a dancer (at least I think so :D ), it's as if he has surpassed this plateau he's been at for the past two years. I must give credit to his current teachers who are bringing out the best in him. Next show is in two weeks.


All the best to the boys in their upcoming performances!

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Great news, Dancemom. You must be very proud!


And a big THANKSGIVING TO YOU parents of Ds's for supporting your kid in dance. The number of boys studying ballet is steadily increasing. It's a GOOD thing!

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