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I've been getting reaaallly mixed messages on whether you are good enough to professionally dance. At times it looks like it's really hard to get up to that level and at other times people tell me I should go for it and there are other things that show me I probally could. I'm on the verge of trying out for certain programs that might accept me but I really dont know if I can... How would you evalulate yourself. What should a girl be able to do if she is 14? Besides being proportionally right for ballet? I know it probally varies with every program but on average how much technique should one have? What is acceptable to be able to stand a chance at being able to get into a good program? I'm in a state of being very confused at the moment it would help if someone could give me some guidelines. I am the best in my classes and have a very strong foot, I'm flexible etc. but I'm not at a professional/pre-professional school although my teachers are very good and were. I know it's hard to get in balletschools at this age without being in one before. I'm taking 4 classes a week and starting january I'm going to take one more with student much older and better than me. I practise every day consistently. Im still worried though what should average girls my age be able to manage??? Thankyou very much Im sorry this is so long but lots of people I know are asking themselfs the same question I think its one many people would like to know the answer to. It would help us sort out our lives =P

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janninepointe, the standard for a talented 14 year old entering a professional ballet school in Germany may be a bit different than in the US. It could be quite difficult for the Board to answer your questions regarding this issue. The bottomline is that all professional schools, regardless of country, are looking for about the same thing as far as physical attributes go. The differences may be in what program of study they are following, whether or not you are interested to enter into a school sponsored by the German government, such as The John Cranko school in Stuttgart, the Palucca School in Dresden, or the school that was formlery known in the West as the East Berlin School, from where my husband graduated. These particular schools follow the Vaganova method of study which has very high technical levels for entry at age 14 in Germany. There are other professional schools in Germany, such as Hamburg's John Neumeier School which I believe has its own program of study. It has produced also many lovely dancers. We do have a teacher living in Germany who is a member of BT4D, perhaps Diane might be able to give us more information regarding this topic.


As with most things in life, unless you try, you will never really know. I suggest you speak also with your current teacher for an opinion regarding your potential.

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Thankyou very much but I'm thinking about schools in Canada aswell seen as I'm going there. And America seen for my friend is moving too =*( What is a high technical level look like???

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An advanced level is almost impossible for a student to evaluate by herself. You need to be seen by people who are able to give you an idea of where you stand in relation to other students who are career-oriented.

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Jannine, when are you planning to move? Would you be able to start with a Summer Intensive program next summer? If so, I would suggest that you make a video and send it to several programs in Canada and the US. You will need to research the programs and decide which ones you would like to attend if accepted. Start by reading about them here on the SI forum, and then go to the web sites of the programs and read about their requirements for videos. Attending a summer program is a good way to get into the year round program in the residency programs and also in other pre-professional schools. It will also give you some feedback as to where you are.


If you like, you can send me a video to audition for Washington Ballet, even if you don't want to come here. I would send you back a letter with an evaluation. :wub:

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I had a talk with one of my teachers today she said that she thinks I can do it and that I've got all the right characteristics =) I guess I'm just going to go for it and start making videos and pictures next weekend maybe something will come up. Well off I go!

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