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how should the basics be taught?

Guest sally-mandy

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Guest sally-mandy

Thanks, all. Jaana's idea about getting a group of like-minded people together is a good one. I feel pretty excited about starting at the university, and will see how that goes first. I've been told I can do both I and II at the same time.


On the positive side of my adult ballet class, because there is so little demand for it, we seldom have more than 5 or 6 students. There are pros and cons to everything, I guess...

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We have an Adult Basics class for the absolute beginners. I won't let those take the Ballet 1 class unless they either 1. have had previous experience (even in 'another life' :) ) or they understand that Ballet 1 is a low-level class that proceeds faster than the Basic class and those dancers have been in the class for awhile and/or take class multiple times per week.


Frankly, from an ecomonic standpoint, it's simply not feasible for the studio owners to not have multiple levels within a class.

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multiple levels can work if you have a good teacher. I take two beginners classes a week and really there a hodgepodge of levels in it. We do focus on the basics, but she does add things for those who are more intermediate level (or even occasional advanced) and she will always break down and simplify for a brand new student. She also has a gift of somehow teaching everyone as an individual (only teaches adults) and is very hands on which I love.

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