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DVD/Videos: ABT Spring Season

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I just got the brochure for ABT's spring season. Are they going to be any videos made of the ballet's? They are performing my favorite full-length ballets.

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Guest Kitri25

This is something I've always been curious about. Does ABT record their performances? I know many big companies, like New York City Ballet, tape each and every single performance, but I'm not sure ABT does. I've always wondered...don't the dancers want videos of their performances?? Not to mention how many absolutely incredible performances I've seen over there that will go down in history- I'd cry if I found out they weren't recorded!!!

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There are Musician and Dancer's Unions that have very strict language about what can and can't be videotaped, & how much money each has to be paid if a recording is contracted.


That's for the protection of the dancers and musicians.

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