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Sunday classes at Danceworks, London


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I'm in London for work the next two weekends. Meetings all day both Saturdays, but I thought I'd try Renato Peroni's classes at Danceworks on Sundays. There's a Beginners and an Intermediate back to back - has anyone who's done either or both got any comments about what to expect? Particularly the Intermediate ...


One weekend I have meetings all day Friday as well, so I thought I'd try the Friday evening ballet class at The Place Kate B recommended.

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Definitely do give the Place a go! It is great.


But I am not a big fan at all of the ballet classes at Danceworks on a Sunday. The studio is too small and there are too many people in the classes!


However, Renato does give pretty combinations, so if you are really confident you will have a good time.


You could also try Stuart Thomas's contemporary class on Sunday afternoon - it is not as busy as the ballet classes and he is a really interesting teacher.

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Cool, Tara. I'm not going tonight as I'm going away for the weekend, but I do try and go to as many of the Friday classes as I can (even though I am by far the very worst in the class!)


If you decide to come along, let me know!

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Just to report that I did a great class on Sunday at Danceworks with Renato Paroni. I wanted to stay for the second Adv/Inter class but there was no room! I'll do them both next week. But I can see why he's popular. Even though we did very basic stuff in the Beginners' class I came away feeling I'd learnt months' worth of things about correct placement, alignment, and rotation, and Mr Paroni teaches with such generosity and humour. I got a lot of real, hands on correction, and learnt things I'll be able to use in my usual classes. If I lived in London, instead of just dashing down occasionally, he'd be a teacher I'd go to all the tike (in fact, I'd probably become his groupie!)

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Oh my! I'll have to check out his classes...


What time is the beginner class on a Sunday? I really would like to 're-learn' and correct bad habits I picked up at my first school.


I think it would be worth travelling if the class is really good!



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Here's the Danceworks web page:


Danceworks Sunday timetable


You'd really learn a lot about placement, and he's very good at working safely within the limits of individual bodies - for example, he told me I was pointing my toes too much (!!!), and that I just needed to stretch and extend the line of my instep - otherwise I'd get injured (which is interesting & a bit spooky, as I do have a bit of stiffness in one big toe joint !).

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