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Guest galenaballet

Hello all,


Wow, what we do for our children!

I have two questions I am hoping someone can give me some direction with.

Firstly, my daughter is 10 and has just started a pre pointe class. Her movement is beautifull, but she wasnt blessed with strong ankles or knee's. Is there anything she can do at home for strenthening or just wait with time for it to happen naturally?

Secondly, My mother has a friend who danced professionally with I believe the New York City Ballet. He retired years ago due to an injury. I was wondering if he coached her a day a week would that be helpful? Following her currant teachers program of course? Or could it essentially be harmful?



Thank you!


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Let things progress normally and naturally with your home teacher's curriculum. At 10, DD is a ways from pointe yet, so who's in a hurry? Apart from the pre-pointe class, is she taking at least two other technique classes a week? Next year, you'll have to add another if she's going to be on-track for starting pointe at MINIMUM age. Bear in mind that it is better to take a long trip to pointe and hold off until 12 or 13, as another recent poster will be doing. Then when they go up on pointe, they have all the strength and technique they need to speed right along. Fast progress THEN is all right.

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And in addition, if they are old enough when they start pointe that their feet have stopped growing it reduces the expense somewhat! :blushing:


Whenever my dd gets a little bummed that she's about a year older than most of the girls in her class I remind her of this (she'll be 14 when she hopefully goes on pointe in the spring).



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