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This SI audition season, I really want to stand out. Before I've just gone to the front in the things I'm good at. But for instance, I am NOT a strong turner, but my strong point is jumping/leaping. So, do you have any suggestions or strategies that would help me to hide those turns and make me stand out on those jumps.


Another thing I want to mention is that sometimes in an audition I feel like I'm going to run over the person in front of me when we are leaping so I slow down and I don't travel as far or jump as high as I could. How do I make sure that doesn't happen, and what if it does?

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In an audition, you really have no place to hide, so fahgeddaboutit. You will do what you do well, and poorly, and it will all be seen by the auditioner. Any attempt to fudge will not be resolved in your favor. Auditioning is sort of like the most naked time you have since you were born.


As to spacing, if you don't want to run into somebody, don't. It's really that simple. If it's in diagonals, let the dancer ahead of you get some space between you and her, then start.

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If you have a choice, stand in the front! However, most auditioners will place you according to your numbers, at the barre and in the center. Hopefully, they will also rotate lines so that no one is in front all the time.

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