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Dancing is wonderful, but what if we can't afford a summer program, and we aren't good enough for a scholarship? I really don't understand the options some of us have. All of my friends are going to a summer camp on scholarship, and i'm not. My parents think that it would be bad for my family to give up all that money for 2 weeks. Are there any schools that arent so hard to get into, that are *somewhat* walet friendly? :party:

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NHB, I'm afraid that Summer Intensive Programs are quite expensive, and there are really very few scholarships. Even your friends would not have them yet, as the auditions are not held until Jan. and Feb. Perhaps some of them had them last summer?


Anyway, most of the good programs are longer than 2 weeks, and you really do not want a "camp", you want a Summer Intensive. There is an entire group of forums here devoted to Summer Intensive programs. Check them out!


Oh, and you will never know about a scholarship until you try! You will need to attend the auditions.

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I think you misunderstood me. My friends got scholarships from the school that we go to. Our school will pay for those girls to go to whatever program they get into.

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I see. Well, that is quite unusual, but very nice for them. Looks like you will need to audition and win your own scholarship! :party: But do realize that they are very hard to get and there are only a few available from each program. However, there is often a financial aid form that can be filled out by your parents, and also most schools will work with them on payment plans. Ballet as a career is very expensive, but a good SI program is important after age 13 or so.

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