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Does your Ballet bag stink?


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:jump: Thats the look on my face when I open my ballet bag. I recently thought of something that could really help make your bag smell wonderful. Whenever you buy shoes that come in a mesh bag, if you have extras, save them! Then when you have old candle wax that is scented, put it in the mesh bag, and put the wax-filled mesh bag into your ballet bag! You can leave it in there for as long as you'd like!


Instead of :hyper: you will see :party:

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NHB, while that is an interesting idea, it is a Buddy Board topic, not Young Dancers. When you have been here at least two weeks, and have 30 substantial posts, not including anything on the Brag Board because they don't count, then you may ask to be admitted to the Buddy Board where you can discuss this sort of thing. :party: This topic is closed.

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