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Epsom Salt?

Guest balletbabe24

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Guest balletbabe24

my dance teacher told me that some girls she danced with soaked their feet in a pot of epsom salt and water. she had never tried it but her friends said it made your feet feel a lot better without softening your skin. i was wondering if there was a specific amount of salt or water that you were supposed to put in. do any of you know if this really helps? :shrug:


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I learned the recipe 1 1/2 part water to 1 part epsom salts. I like it alot!


(Yike, that's a lot of magnesium sulfate! Better to use a more dilute concentration.)

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Epsom Salts is just the generic name for magnesium sulfate. Just add about a handful of it to a basin of warm water for a foot soak. Massage the foot after to exfoliate dead skin. Otherwise it just sorta hangs there and flakes off.

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Hoo! That's better! Otherwise, you're in a sort of Epsom Salts mud!


The name comes from a part of England where the stuff was mined naturally.

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It dries out my blisters and makes them heal faster when I use it. It takes out all that extra moisture in your feet that makes you get those nasty retred blisters!

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Basically, it makes soft water into hard water (less penetrating). It also forms a slightly acid solution with water. Sort of the opposite of baking soda.

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Guest twinklehooves

During tech week, when my body is usually at it's most exhausted point, I'll take a bath after I get home and dump some Epsom Salts in the tub and soak in that. It's alot different than just a plain 'ol hot bath.


I also ice my feet during tech week. When I get home I fill a bucket with snow and ice my feet to take the swelling down. Sorry, that was off topic. :P

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I soak mine in epsom salt when I have an ingrown toe nail.


Incidently, one of my dr's who is into holistic medicine said its good for depression to soak your feet in epsoms. Anyone heard anything about this?

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The jury still seems to be out on that, but it is clear that the hands and feet are places where the blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin, and warming them can sometimes produce a sense of well-being. It may be temporary, but at least it's something!

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What is Epsom salt? :blushing: Is it like normal salt? And where would I get it from?


I don't think I was thinking when I posted...A second later I remebered how handy mums are, and went and asked her about it. So I have my answers and she going to buy some :)

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