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Articles: sports writer appreciates ballet

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Hello everyone,


Another ballet mom told me about this article, and we thought that you might like to read it! This was in a recent edition of the Toronto Star, following the author's experiences in a walk-on role for the Swan Lake run which concluded yesterday.




I hope the link works!




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This is a lovely article. I'm rather a fan of American football and it amazes me the physical and strategic exertion required... I never can understand why that appreciation is not reciprocated for ballet.

One of my coworkers seems to respect my taking of class but he literally cringes at the suggestion that his son take it up. Maybe, one by one, we can remove that stigma ballet carries. Hopefully education like this can help in slowly chipping it away...

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Great find! :shrug:


Reminds me a little of how my father approached ballet. He started by appreciating the physicality of it all, the athleticism, and gradually got more into it, the more he saw of it. He never got the point of appearing onstage, but he developed an unerring eye for line, and a sure and certain knowledge of musicality and phrasing. He was an excellent critic.

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As for myself, my task at yesterday's matinee consisted mostly of standing and nodding the odd time, a role made for a sports reporter. Still it was fascinating to see how much sweat goes into a performance and though I'll probably always prefer a frozen pond to a Swan Lake, I'll be back to see these athletes perform from the other side of the stage.


Promise to let us know if Paul Hunter reports on his view of Swan Lake from a seat in the orchestra. It would be wonderful if he did follow up on this article, but either way - thanks so much for linking to this article. It's excellent and I intend to print it out before it disappears into cyberspace.


There's a lot in there that is worth referring to for those dancers who are considering applying to college - whether they're 17, 25 or 35... That section referring to Herschel Walker and the Journal of Sports Medecine is great to have as a reference. B) Might help those who are ignorant to understand the serious nature of a dancer's commitment.

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Perhaps the jocks are realizing that dancers have lots in common with them? We were shocked Thanksgiving evening to see the half time show during the Dallas/Denver football game include Sheryl Crow flanked by young ballerinas performing on either side of the stage.

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