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How does the level system work for adult classes? It seems there is only one option available at most studios as opposed to level advancements. Do the instructors work more individually, then? What if the student needs to advance with the course work -- like, more challenging steps & excersises... work on pointe, or whatever else.

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The way levels work are totally going to depend on your studio.


The two studios I have danced at worked similiarly though, so it might be common. There are 3 levels, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Some years these studios don't have enough registration so they have Beginner and Advanced. At the studios I was at it was up to the adult to decide when to move up a level. Women who had been dancing 10 years only took Beginner classes, however, because of lack of classes it was common for the Advanced adults to take class at all the levels!


Basically my comment is that there were not levels. The teachers set class for whomever showed up. Some women might work on triple pirouttes while others learned the five basic foot positions in the same class. It takes a talented teacher to make an all levels class. Classes specifically labeled Advanced, are usually more fast paced, but classes labeled Beginner are not necessarily starting at square one.


My need to for ladder like progression has me taking classes with the kids, (even though the adult program at my studio is alright.) Perhaps you will find a studio that provides this for adults.

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My need to for ladder like progression has me taking classes with the kids, (even though the adult program at my studio is alright.) Perhaps you will find a studio that provides this for adults.


Just from checking around at all the local schools I could, it seemed pretty consistant that you get the basic Adult Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced setup, and it's all subjective. I wish there were an Adult Ballet revolution along the lines of the sudden interest in Pilates--then we might get some real levels for Adults. Meanwhile, I think the best bet for those of us who take this more seriously than just an exercise class should do what Skittl does and join the kids' classes if they'll let us.




PS to Skittl--I suspect that I saw you one evening leaving studio 3 before my class--can't remember if it was a Monday or a Thursday. A tall, slim older student (20's or so) was coming out with the younger girls, and I almost said something, but chickened out. It would be nice to meet you just to say Hey!


Since we're at the same studio, that brings up a question for me. Did you ask to be put in the kids' classes, or was it suggested to you? And what level kids' class did you start in? I know you're way more advanced than I am.


I figure I'll wait until the end of the year to make any changes from the 3 classes I'm taking (Beginner Adult, Teen, Intermediate Adult), but I'm a little unsure how to handle it. I'm not sure if my instructors understand my desire to progress. But I don't want to step on any toes (bad metaphor in a ballet school, huh? :blushing: ) My idea is that by May or June I'll be pretty well-established in beginning tecnique, and we can have a little student/teacher conference on where I go from there.


I love my classes, but it can be a bit frustrating at times because there are people of such different levels taking the same class. If I'm struggling to do my frappes correctly, it throws me off that the more advanced student standing in front of me is doing doubles instead of singles. I have to say I love the Teen class, because we're all doing the same thing, and we really work each element. My feet are always sore at the end because he makes us work those tendus, baby!! :D

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spingirl- 6 more posts! You need private messages.

You couldn't have seen me- tall and slim are not good descriptors of me!


You might have seen Renee... she is another adult who takes (level 6, I think) classes. Although she is more curvy than slim, but a dancers body. She's very good.


Or Dawn, who is early 30s and in Gem City Ballet, but she is short and more muscular than slim.


I am really short (5'0) and not slim (but not big) and have very short hair. My current ballet style is two little bitty pigtails. I am there on Monday (for make up classes with Ballet 4) and Wednesday (Pilates- Beginner adult), Thursday (Ballet 5) and Saturday (Ballet 5)


I started in Ballet 4, and I actually asked if I would be allowed to take kids classes.


If you see someone who is short and has really short pigtails, just ask if it's Jessi- if they give you a weird look, not me :blushing:


Sorry to hijack the topic- but it will bump it up and maybe the original poster will get more replies :D

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spingirl- 6 more posts! You need private messages.


Yeah, I know! I'm looking for topics!

Now I'll get off this one, so the original poster can get some answers!


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