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I have been dancing for over two years now, but I am still just so unstable in su-su and wonder what I am doing wrong. My legs just always feel like they are in the way of each other. What are common reasons why people can't balance in su-su?

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Fixed the title for you, hart :unsure:


There are a number of reasons this could happen. First would be alignment and weight placement. Be sure that you are not letting the pelvis tilt or that your weight is not on one foot more than the other, especially don't let it be back. Also, if you are hyperextended you might need a teeeeeeny space between your feet in order to fully straighten both legs without pushing back into the hyperextension. The height of your demi point might also be a problem, if your feet are stiff and you don't have a high demi point.

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Ms. Leigh, are you saying you suggest equal distribution of weight in sus-sous between the two feet? Is this in general for the position, or if a student is having a problem with balance?


Our teachers y recommend 75% front foot, 25% back foot because (as they say) it is easier to transition to the next position with this arrangement.


Do you have any thoughts on this?

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It would depend on whether you are trying to balance in the position, or if you are in transition to another step, and what that step is. :wub:

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... Be sure that ... your weight is not on one foot more than the other, especially don't let it be back.

Thanks! I've not yet received or heard others get any corrections on this, but tried it just now - sure enough, I do habitually put more weight on the back foot, and fixing that feels surprisingly "right". I'll be practicing all through the holiday!

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I've always spelled it "sous-sus", though I suppose either way works. Under-over or over-under.


I could describe this better with "yucky" imagery...but as a general idea ....I pull straight up through that "pelvic floor" and it allows me to hold a nice balance with good alignment.

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Actually, I have usually spelled it that way too, lampwick. Not sure why I went with that one this morning. :blushing: I think it's sous-sus in Gail Grant and sus-sous Basic Principles of Classical Ballet (Vaganova).

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I tried the corrections last night and they were very helpful. Simply using the demi-pointe that I do have was so helpful. I think I am so self-conscious about sickling, I just tend to ignore my feet altogether. The higher demi-pointe also seemed to help me get my weight forward, along with pulling up, of course. Thank you so much.



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Today I did sous sou en pointe and this teacher was telling me not to think so much about bringing the feet together. Yes, you do use both feet to go up but you don't have to make it a tight 5th for the feet because this causes my knees to bend since I am hyperextended. She says think about more of the knees coming in together, rather than trying to make it a tight 5th. Oh my gosh, I hope I am making sense but my point is that, yes I do use both feet to sous sou up but the en pointe position should look like the knees are straight together than the two being together since that causes my leg to bend.


Thank for your input!

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