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Guest oddsnends



Am trying to get back in ballet have tried on and off to take adult classes at one studio in the southbay but found their beg classes on mon and fri to be of two completely diff levels :unsure:


So this time I would like to dabble and try a few different places.


Opinions? Recommendations?



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There are a number of posters here who will likely be able to provide recommendations.


It is not uncommon for the level of adult classes with the same title to vary with the teacher and even with the level of the people who show up on a given day. It's hard to control for who's going to show up, but trial and error should give an indication of how different teachers teach a class with the same name.


I took several very enjoyable classes at the Jimmie Defore Dance Center in/near Costa Mesa a couple of summers ago, but I was only in town for a week or so.


Here's a link to their site


Jimmie DeFore Dance Center

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I just did a basic search on "Los Angeles" in the Adult Students fora and here's the result


Los Angeles


Don't know if there's anything useful in there ...

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My favourite is Westside School of Ballet in Santa Monica, personally, I think it's the best (marley floors and open classes for all levels).

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