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Cleaning Dirty Ballet Shoes

Guest Emily

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Hi all!


I have a pair of Sansha canvas technique shoes. I recently preformed at a stage down here where I live. They had a practice room where my classmates and I practiced. It was a rather dirty area and my ballet shoes are very dirty. Is there a way you can wash them? I asked a ballet student that put their shoes in the washer and dryer and they told me the shanks are dry and stick to our ballet floor. Is there a more safer way to was them so they look good as new?


Thanks for all the support!


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Good question! All I know is that you can't put them in the washing machine because they will shrink. I think there is a special shoe makeup thats kind of like cover up that works. :)

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Canvas ballet shoes can be washed in the machine. Just do it in cold water. And don't put them in the dryer. Let them air dry. Stuff them with some newspaper to hold their shape.

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