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thera bands

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Try it with your ballet shoes on. Place the band under the ball of the foot, with the top of it overlapping your toes. Hold the ends of it, foot flexed, pull it towards you and pointe the foot. I had trouble with it hurting my toes too, but not when I have ballet shoes on :blushing:

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The colors vary with different brands, I think. I know Gaynor Mindens are very light, not strong enough for most dancers, and their colors are different. The ones that you get from health supply or physical therapy are usually blue or purple, and I think the strongest might be black. Not really sure. I use a purple one, and it is very good. Someone else may have more knowledge of this than I do. I see a lot of blue ones around the school.

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I've got a grey one from a sport's medicine shop that's super strong! I personally like to get a medium strength and just do more repetitions with it.

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Can therabands be used to strengthen ankles too, or only feet? because I have loose weak ankles but strong feet and I was going to buy one for my ankles but I wasn't sure if it would help.

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Bunheads has three Exercise Band Weights


Medium Weight (Violet)

Heavy Weight (Royal Blue)

Super Heavy Weight (Cranberry)


All come with instructions for basic exercises.

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Is it a good idea to do extra theraband exercises on one foot that is weaker than the other? Or should you always strengthen both sides of the body equally?


I really should have posted this in the other young dancer forum, but I didn't want to start another theraband thread!

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on the topic of strengthening ankles, do you just do the regular theraband thing (pointe-flex) or are there other exercises that are better for strengthening ankles that could(should) be stronger?

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OK, sorry, things have been a little busy around here.


Yes, do work on the foot/ankle/leg more than the one that is all right. Try to balance them out.


And the point-flex is THE best for strengthening ankles and metatarsals.

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