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First Performance Survival Kit

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Granola bars and non staining fruit like apples for a quick snack, water, bandaids, an ice pack, warm up wear or a pullover to keep you warm before you enter stage waiting for your part, hairspray and facial powder (yes for girls and guys), a comb, a sewing kit in case something tears on your costume or on your shoes, extra shoe elastic, a powerful deodorant (for the sweat of excitement ;)) and maybe music and/or a book in case you have waiting time. And maybe a camera for shots behind the scenes. And reward yourself after the performance- maybe go out with friends, eat something nice, take a long hot bath or whatever you like.


Are you male or female? :D In case of a girl I would suggest hairpins, elastics and make up in addition to that list.


Congrats on your first performance! What are you dancing?

When I had my first performance I was so excited I got a stress based temperature on the day of the second performance one day later. Did dance nevertheless. Aren`t we all fanatics?



edit: Oh just read through your posts- you definately are female! :blushing: Then add the hairpins (TONS of them), make up (lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, blush), extra hairnets if your hair is long enough for a bun, extra hair elastics and a pair of additional tights or clear nailpolish to fix torn tights.

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I’m not big on having a lot of “stuff,” but then I’m a guy. I think the best thing you can put in a survival bag is the right attitude (positive and light), an easy physical routine that warms you up or keeps you warm if you already have warmed up and keeps you busy (which reduces stress). Also something to do to occupy your time if you have to wait around.


Be positive and enjoy the little adrenaline rush and you’ll do just fine.

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I prefer a jacket/cardigan to wear to keep warm so that it doesn't mess up my hair -like a regular shirt would- going over my head. You also need socks/slippers/mucklucks to wear over your shoes while walking around backstage to keep dirt/floor wax/etc. off of them so you won't get the marley/stage floor dirty.


If you wear false eyelashes, don't forget false eyelash glue! I have trouble keeping pointe shoe heels on so I use rosin on my heels or this double stick tape from bunheads to keep them in place. Both work great!


Go back and resew ribbons and elastic on shoes so that they can't possibly unattach during performance! If ribbons, figure out if you will tape or sew them in to keep ends in while dancing.


Break a leg!!

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