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My mum is getting me 2 tickets to see a ballet for christmas (for me and her). I get to choose which one and when etc, and we're going to have a lovely girlie night of it. But!! I have to choose.... and I'm not very good at decisions.... and I'm not really sure what's on... Does anyone know what's on in January in London? I'd appreciate any reviews of things you've seen! The last ballet I went to see was ENB but that was a long time ago (I'm flat broke normally).


Thank you!!



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For the royal ballet - you can view 'what's on' by month. note that Pinocchio is in the Linbury part of the house.



For the wells. I believe that Edward Scissorhands will still be on in January.


english national:



Also, do check our sister board - ballettalk.invisionzone.com, which has a great calendar facility.


Sorry for not doing hyperlinks but I am in a rush. I will be glad to give you insights if you have any more specific questions, but I probably won't be able to do so for another week - ten days (and herein an apology for all of you waiting to get responses from me... hold on. i'm on dphil deadline!)

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If I were you Hattie, I'd think about English National Ballet's production of The Sleeping Beauty, with Kenneth MacMillan's choreography. For my money, this is the one to see. But it doesn't start until 5 January (at the Coliseum). I hope it's OK to mention another website, Ballet.co. If you go to their links page, you can see what the critics have been saying about the production.


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I'm going to go and see Giselle - Royal Ballet - in January and I'm very excited about that as I've never seen it.

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Good to see you back on these boards! Have you seen SB yet? I saw it in Oxford and have mixed opinions. We will have to chat soon - after my deadline! :shrug:


(no no no, i'm not here all day - just checked in before lunch and now after!).



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Hi Ami - I haven't been well and it's nice to be back. I haven't seen the MacMillan SB and am really loooking forward to it. Let's talk when you're free ..... and good luck with your deadline.

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