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My brother has the natural ability for ballet


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* I am not a parent, but I am like his ballet "parent". I handle which classes to put him in, go shopping for "ballet stuff' ect... I have been taking ballet for for quite a while. My brother decided to tag along to one of my classes and he got "discovered". My teacher went up to him and asked him to do a pile. He did a "perfect" one. He has a perfect ballet body and amazing natural talent. This is great... but the problem is, he dislikes ballet. I remember when I was his age ( meaning 9) I HATED ballet, but now I have such a passion for it. Will the passion grow over time?


I am new to this site, so I didn't know exactly where to post this. :thumbsup:

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Hello 13211385, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :thumbsup:


I'm sure you will get some parental help here, so I'm going to leave the post in this forum.


We have found that a number of our young boys start classes after being cast in Nutcracker, in parts that do not require much training. It also helps if the school has a boys class for the beginners.

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Perhaps the first step is to find out "why" he dislikes ballet. Is it that he doesn't like the structure and discipline or the actual movement? Or is he deterred by stereotypes? My sons like to watch ballet, but only if their older brother is dancing. As for classes for them - not likely. One doesn't like the structure and the other doesn't like anything artistic or musical.

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I just asked my brother. He said that the different genders do not matter. He said he didn't like the music, and he thinks the movements are boring :thumbsup: . I would have to agree that is is boring because all he is doing are piles, tendues, and some small jumps.

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not to barge in, but ive heard this MANY times. start introducing him to contemporary dance companies. check out Complexions and LINES ballet. i have a feeling he'll have a different view on how intense and exciting ballet can be!

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Ok sorry to dig this up again.

This summer has been great for him. He had a male guest teacher which changed his whole thought on ballet in general. He now insists on taking ballet 5 days a week !:shrug:


The one thing now to overcome are the dance belts... :)

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No need to appologize for bringing this back up. Glad to hear your db (dancing brother) had such a great summer. A male teacher can really be a help with boys. As for the dance belt Mr. Johnson writes about the importance of fit. For younger boys there is also the full seat option. Five days a week sounds great. One thing my boys are working on at home is jumping. I hung a bookmark for each of them from the ceiling just out of their jumping reach and they try to jump up and touch it. The floor is an old wooden one with carpet pad, carpet, then a shock mat on top so that they don't get hurt. They also do pilates and I'm getting a chinning bar for them to work on their upper body strength. They also practice their stretching. There's so much that can be done for conditioning outside of class.

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Glad it's worked out!! :lol:

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