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I thought id ask the question here '' what gift could i give to my teacher as a thankyou for christmas?''


and also do you think this is appropriate?

It doesnt need to be big or expensive, just thought it would be a nice and opportune time to express my gratitude.


I feel that effort is made to make everyone feel welcome and that we are all treated equally, it means so much to me, to have such a fantastic teacher who helps bring the best out in me :thumbsup:


I also dont want to come across as a creep and would not make a big deal out of it, i would perhaps wait till the other students are gone or leaving.


Sometimes i feel like a burden, being the only adult beginner, it must be quite annoying to have someone make common mistakes and it takes patience, also i feel very lucky to be there, all the other students seem to be young and have basic training or older with previous training - think im the only one who has started ballet later on!! :P


Anyway please let me know what you think?

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It doesn't even have to cost anything. Some of the nicest things I got from my students when I was teaching gymnastics were heart felt cards telling me how much they enjoyed their classes and what they meant to the student. It beat another coffee cup full of chocolates.

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I bought one of my teachers a Christmas cookie.


Since I knew there was no way I'd find the perfect gift for my teacher, I decided not to even try to... I wrote a nice (heartfelt) card and bought a cookie. The real gift wasn't the cookie, it was the words... kind of sappy, but that's how I felt :D

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:party: Great ideas, i think i will find a lovely card - its the words that are important :D

And everyone loves cookies right??

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Aha! I have already done my preliminary work and found out that my teacher loves chocolate and in particular Jaffa cakes!! I think my teacher will be inundated with presents, as everyone in the class (that I've spoken to) firmly believes that she is one of the nicest people in the world, and definately the nicest teacher!!

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I found that food works well, especially when it's something a little unique. Since I grew up in Hawaii I gave people at our studio in Ohio chocolate covered macademia nuts or Caramacs (chocolate covered macademia nuts with caramel :P ). For those who can't eat chocolate I got regular macademia nuts. I initially had my mom send them out but found I can order them off the internet. Saves my mom from having to take a large box to the post office.




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Sometimes I think it's nice to 'treat' teachers. If you think about it, many of them spend practically every evening teaching us. They have families, kids, friends, etc, that they often don't see very often or don't get to do many activities with. Unless they're not working because it's a holiday! At those times, things like theatre tokens or cinema tokens, meal or coffee vouchers, etc., can be nice.

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I agree Ami, good teachers are hard to come by, so its nice to let them know they are appreciated. I think i decided on a big box of fresh cookies, that way they can be shared with the family (will get a mixture of flavours)

thanks GretchenStar - cookies are great :pinch:

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Thats also a good idea pink tights, i know i wouldnt mind one bit if anyone wanted to buy me champagne :pinch:

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We usually give a gift certificate to a nice restaurant or to a fruit and vegetable market. That one is nice because the teacher can buy food, flowers or one of the many specialty items they sell.

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knock, knock


Last year I gave one of my dance teachers a gift certificate for a massage at a local spa-- it was a bit pricey though, but well appreciated B) Usually we (me & my mom) make cards and maybe include some bubble bath type stuff.

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everyone has such good ideas, i just couldnt think what to do or even if it would be appropriate, now im really glad i posted :)

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I have bought one of my ballet teachers the Patrick Swayze One Last Dance DVD but I have no idea what to get new ballet teacher. Is a bottle of wine an ok gift for a male dance teacher? :)

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I often think some of the teachers I know could use a glass of wine this time of year...


But I'd make sure that your teacher drinks wine first, and even then, I think I probably would choose something more like coffee (seems that most teachers around here LOVE good coffee or a gift certificate to a local coffee shop). We got my daughter's male teacher a gift certificate to Old Navy this year, and that was a hit. HTH

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