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I am a natural jumper, its just what I am. But I am not a natural turner, which everyone else in my class is. What has been happening lately is that We spend so much time turning, but the teacher assumes that we are all natural turners, able to do fouettes, tripple pirrouettes, picce turns, and my **worst**, shennes. I spot fine, but my body just doesn't want to go! My teacher cant see that I am doing endrechat six's, and just very recently, endrechat (4, I really don't know what its called)'s, because we never focus on jumps. My teacher sometimes just doesn't correct me during turns, which really makes me nervous, because I didn't think I was that bad! I would love a correction from her! Its like we come into the center, we do adagio, petite allegro (which I am also natural at) pirrouettes, warm up jumps, then picce, shenne, more pirrouttes, and other turns on top of turns! How can I show my teacher that I can do more than she thinks, just not in turning?

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NHB, what makes you think that your teacher doesn't know that you are a good jumper? I certainly know what the strengths and weaknesses of my students are, and I think that most any teacher would. We all have areas of technique that are naturally stronger and areas that are naturally weaker. The teacher's job is to help the dancer become better in all areas, and particularly in the weaker ones.


I really hope you will get a ballet dictionary for Christmas. It's sad when dancers are not taught the vocabulary in classes, however, it is YOUR chosen art form, so you really need to learn the terminology.


Pirouette has one "r", not two, and the turns you mention are piqué and chaîné. Entrechat quatre is 4, and would be learned before entrechat six, which is 6. There is actually only one beat in the quatre, but 4 actions, if you count the opening, the beat, the rebound opening, and the closing. The six has 2 beats, but it's open/beat/open/beat/open/close.


Do you do petit allegro in the center prior to warm up jumps, or did you list things not in order? Usually pirouettes come after adagio, and sometimes before if they are included in a tendu or dégagé with positions of the body type combination. After pirouettes there should be a warm up jump, like changements or sautés on two feet. Then petit allegro, then grand allegro.

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Sorry. I just never really got a book about spelling. Um as for the jumps I mean that I can do 8 movements. (open-front-open-back-open-front-opem-back-). I have asked for one for christmas, since obviosly I need one. Our class order after barre is: 1. Adagio 2. Petite allegro 3. Pirrouettes 4. Chaines 5. Piques. 6. More pirrouettes. 7. Grande Allegro.


What I am saying is that I wish I would get a correction on turning.

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Ah, ah, ah! :( Ms. Leigh's question first. What makes you think that your teacher doesn't already know that you are a natural jumper?


And did it ever occur to you that you may look like you're working so hard on pirouettes that your teacher figures you have enough on your plate right now, and doesn't correct in order not to distract you from what you're already doing to go in the right direction? Ease up. Relax. Just do the turns, and don't try to kill them with overdosing.

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Guest cheeriodancer10

I also am a natural jumper, but not turner. You said you are spotting but your body won't go. May I offer a suggestion from my teacher? Try to work on getting your shoulders around during your pirouette. Also try for one more turn than you actually need to do. Like if you need to do a double, go as if you're going to do a triple. Just stay up there and don't freak yourself out! Thinking of these things have helped me :)

I used to hate chaînés! The thing that really worked for me was keeping your feet very close together. Think of first, fith, first, fith and you'll feel more controlled.

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Guest tutuchick1117

I am also a natural jumper. We do more turns than jumps in my class as well. But what you have to think about is if we always did things we are good at then we could never get better at the things we are bad at. what i do is look at it as a chance to get better at turning! ( although i would rather be doing a sodesha( sp??). I am also bad at chaînés. I can't seem to do allot them and fast!! so i know your pain!! LOL!








Don't dance and drive!!


if all the worlds a stage then i want better lighting!

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