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New here, need ronde de jambe combo for school

Guest maddyZ

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Just found this site and I've enjoyed reading so far. But it's 2:00 AM now so I'd better get to my question and catch some sleep.


I have an assignment in school for a 32 bar ronde de jambe a terre exercise. We have been doing fondus before and at other times cloches. I'd love other ideas for things leading up to the actual ronde de jambes.


Thank you!




PS: I love coming back to ballet later in life. I'm 44 now.

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Hello maddyZ, and welcome back to ballet and to Ballet Talk for Dancers :D


We don't do homework for the teens here, so, I guess we should not do it for the adults either! :wink: Seriously, we prefer to guide you to the answers, but not do the work for you, as you don't learn that way. But it's great that you are back in school!


Rond de jambe à terre generally happens following several combinations of tendus, pliés, dégagés, battement cloche, and perhaps some pas de chevals and passés.


The combination would depend on the level of the class. 32 measures is a short for rond de jambe à terre, so perhaps the combination is for a beginning or low intermediate level. Keep it very basic, if so. Most higher level classes would use either 6 or 8 phrases of 8 measures of a slow 3/4, as they add cambrés, and perhaps passé le jambe, low grand rond de jambe, or rond de jambé en l'air. With the lower level, keep it just to the à terre and cambrés. Don't forget that all the rond de jambes do not have to use the same amount of music. You can do one in 4 measures, or some in 2 measures as well as those which use 1 measure. :party:

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thats so odd. one of the things i like about ballet class is that the teacher leads it and i dont have to think about what i have to do next...i just follow along. what a bummer.

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Thanks for the responses!


Ms. Leigh, it helps to have opinions of more experienced dancers. I'd like to make it a little different than the things we've already done in class, if possible, so what better place to ask than this board? The ones the teacher leads are much longer than 32 bars, although it is not advanced class. One day it may be, if I stick with it. Your comments are greatly appreciated.


Kelly, I like that, too. But it's a short assignment and the first one like it I've ever had. It's most likely an excuse to assign a grade, IMHO. We are also divided into groups of two to create a floor exercise.

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