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Books: Irina, Ballet Life and Love

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I just picked up a copy of Irina Baronova's autobiography after seeing an article about her in the local paper:


Irina:Ballet Life and Love

Irina Baronova

In the 1930s and 1940s, Irina Baronova was a world-famous ballerina. This is the vivid, funny and moving memoir of her extraordinary life. After a childhood spent in exile and poverty, she toured the world as one of the 'Three Baby Ballerinas', working with a dazzling array of famous names. But this is also a story of survival, heartbreak, loss and love.


ISBN  0670028487

Publisher  Viking Press

Publication Date  26-Sep-2005

Pages  512


It looks like it'll be very interesting, especially considering her involvement in the Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo, work with Balanchine, etc. etc. I can't see it on Amazon yet, so maybe it's just been published in Australia at this stage. You can see the book listed at dymocks.com.au as an example.


It looks like she's been doing the media rounds recently. There's an mp3 of a 46 minute radio interview here at the ABC Queensland local radio webpage

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I'll add a note to this, to bump it up to the top - Irina Baronova's autobigraphy is now available in paperback. An amazing read, from someone who was picked out to be a principal dancer by Balanchine at the age of 13! (surely every teenage dancers dream) for the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. I've got to the age of 16 now, by which time she'd worked with Balanchine, Massine, Nijinska, lot of others, met Picasso, Dali, etc etc, quite apart from many hob-nobs of European society, and been a principal dancer in many ballets. An extraordinary and amazingly incident paced life, told in incredible and vivid detail. Highly recommended.


And, surprisingly, she lives fairly near us here in Australia.



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She also features in the wonderful "Ballet Russe" film.

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This book is impossible to put down! As soon as I finished it, I had to reread it immediately. The way Irina tells her story draws you in right from the beginning.

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