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"Normal weight"?

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"Normal weight" is having some, as opposed to having none! :P


Weight is a nearly meaningless quantity when it comes to ballet. Some people look great with a few more pounds than the insurance tables tell you is "perfect", some look great with less. It's a look, and not a look that a dancer can accurately judge for him/herself. You need an impartial, reliable "eye outside the self", like a trusted teacher, or friend, who can tell you how you look.

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I totally agree with Mr. Johnson, and might I add that another great person to ask how you look is a trusted doctor, one who knows your medical background and is aware of the dancing that you do.

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"Normal Weight" varies for everyone based on age, heigh, sex and other factors. You also have to look at your lean mass virsus your fat percentage to determine if your weight is healthy or not.

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Knock Knock I'm 14........


You can't forget that muscle weighs more than fat! I weigh more than most of my friends because they aren't dancers and I generally have more muscle. However, I have a lower body fat percentage. Don't judge on weight, judge on health. :blushing:

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