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Ryoichi Hirano from ROH-London

Guest nadjareva

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Guest nadjareva

My Webpage


:P:P Hello everyone !!!!

Anyone who is interested to support and encourage and talk about the japanese very beautiful dancer Ryoichi Hirano from The Royal Ballet London , is welcome at this forum (BBS)


Please write any nice comments in this forum , as there are very few visitors recently........... Anyone who loves the Royal Ballet London is welcome at this BBS!!!!!! It's a BBS in Japan , but you can of course write in english !!!!!

Who also speaks GERMAN is very welcome..!!!!!!

Please visit this nice BBS and write some compliments to dancers from the Royal Ballet London...!!!!!!!

I am waiting for your visit.....!!!!!!! P.S. I am also a dancer...!!!!!!

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Guest nadjareva

P.S. :P:P

Ryoichi Hirano recently was on stage either as a witch or a friend in La Sylphide &

as a Footman and so on in Manon.......He is a very tall and beautiful dancer , so everyone who has seen those performances from the Royal Ballet London an not have overlooked him....!!!!!!

Please visit my homepage-BBS...!!!!!!!

You can also of course write about other dancers from the Royal Ballet London :)

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Guest nadjareva


Sylvie Guillem will come to Japan in December....!!!!!!

I am looking forward to see her dancing in Japan....!!!!!

Is anyone of you a good friend of Sylvie......????

Are someone of you a very good friend of Ryoichi Hirano.....????


Anyway, please visit my homepage-BBS....!!!!!

You can write about any dancers you like & love :P:P:)

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Guest nadjareva

My Webpage


Everyone who has some problems like kellylynn is welcome to my homepage-forum , as the members of my BBS in japan are all dancers , and we all have had experiences like kellylynn , and we are talking and discussing about problems of some adult students , who do things which is really waste of time adn waste of energy........... :P

Dear dancers , teachers , students , you all are welcome to my BBS , we try to reply and response in english eventhough our english is not perfect at all.......

We are trying to make the Ballet-field in Japan better , but there are still so many stupid adults , who are maybe blind..........

I am really glad if you would visit my BBS and write something that is bothering you these days........

Welcome...... you just have to write your website-name on the top box and topic-name under the top box and than click the bottom (left)........

My BBS exists for an " international- friendship- ballet- talk ":P

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Welcome to our little family, Nadjareva. :P


Unfortunately, I don't think your message board will see a lot of traffic from here, as not many of our active posters speak or read Japanese. There is always the residual fear of signing on to something you can't read. Even back in 1754, George Washington himself started an international war (the Seven Years' War, called in America "the French and Indian War") by signing what he thought was a surrender agreement, and what was actually a confession that he had intended to kill a French Ambassador! :speechless: The document was in French, so he couldn't read it! :blushing:

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Guest nadjareva

Dear Mr. Johnson , thank you very much for your reply :)

I was worring maybe nobody would reply my posting .....

Yes, Mr. Johnson , you are absolutly right , (^^), as my BBS is made in Japan , so it's not easy to invite people who do not read Japanese :speechless:

I am very very sad :P that you cannot visit my BBS ....(><)

To speak honestly , I don't want to open this BBS-adress to public in Japan ,

because ( this is a fact :angry: ) , there are so many strange and crazy ballet-fans who do something very sly and rude and extreme fanatic :angry:

In Japan , the ballet-field is not so nice like in your country , Mr.Johnson .....

Maybe I have to make a nice BBS , where people can read and write in english.... I am very sad , that my BBS cannot grow up into a nice " international-ballet-talk-forum" :blushing: cry..cry..cry... :(

But I hope , maybe you , Mr. Johnson , would visit my BBS one time.........

Could you read some of the comments written in english...?????


As for the story about George Washington , I didn't know it at all ......

Oh la la...... :sleeping:


Oohhh, what shall I do to invite you all to my BBS :shrug:

Mr. Johnson , do you have something to do with the dancer from the Hamburg-Ballet-John-Neumeier "Galien Johnston " ....???? OR is the name " Johnston " popular..??

Ooohhhh, please someone visit my BBS.....

Mr. Johnston , thank you very much ...!!!!!

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Nadjareva, Mr. Johnson has left for the day to go to work. (Remember that the time here is very different, which is why no one responded to your post for so long!)


We do have a few members here from Japan who might visit your site, but for now I think that you will need to realize that most of us cannot read it. Perhaps you can just enjoy being on this site and participate in our forums here. :P


Johnson and Johnston are both quite popular names in this country, but especially Johnson. (Mel is a Johnson, not Johnston.)

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But I can check in from work now and then! :speechless:


And yes, as Ms. Leigh has said, I'm a "Johnson" not a "Johnston", but much as in spoken Japanese, there are some places where the "t" is silent, or almost so. In Johnstons from Northern Ireland, for example the "t" is entirely silent. In England, they say the "t" in most places, but in many, they sort of say "Johns'on", sort of like the name "Sasuke" in Japanese, which to western ears, kind of sounds like "Sas'ke". I have Johnstons in my family, but they all belonged to a religious sect :P who wouldn't be caught dead within a kilometer of a theater, so I doubt any of them became dancers.


I'm very happy that ballet has had such great growth in Japan, and that people are finding out what fine Japanese ballet dancers there are. Perhaps you could post to us news of what is happening with Ryoichi Hirano?

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Please don't be a stranger to us! :)


And think nothing of the name confusion, it happens all the time.


Word from Japan is always most welcome here.

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Guest nadjareva

Hi , Cassy , thanks for your visit at my BBS in Japan :)

You tipped right , Bravoooooo.....!!!!!!!!

I wrote you back at my BBS :thumbsup:

I'll write about my favorite dancers soon here ........


Dear Mr. Johnson , Cassy is the first visitor at my BBS :thumbsup:


Mr. Johnson , why do you know so much about Japan,,,,???? :unsure:

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I was stationed there (Yokota and Tachikawa Air Bases) while I was in the Air Force.

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Please move this if need be, didn't know if I should start a new topic elsewhere. :D


My husband is in the Navy and we lived in Sasebo from 1993 to 1997. I still keep in touch with one of my Japanese friends.


I would be interested in finding out from Nadjareva, and others from Japan, what the training is like for ballet dancers. I've read a lot on this forum regarding training in Great Britain, for example, and was curious what it is like in Japan.



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