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washing ouch pads


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this is my first year on pointe and i was wondering if you could wash your ouch pads??? and if so how and with what?? i also wanted to know if your pointe shoes get dirty can u clean just a little same with leather flats...




dance like no ones watching.....

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Sure. If you're talking about Ouch Pouches, you can actually toss them right into the washing machine, but they'll last longer if you handwash them in warm water using a standard dish detergent.

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thats what some of my friends at dance had said but i wasnt 100% sure.....thank you. and i did mean ouch pouches

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You can certainly wash ouch puches! I prefer to handwash mine, but you can just throw them in your washer.


Also, to me it seems that they feel thicker after washing them, so if you like thicker ochies, wash them more often, or vice-versa for thinner ones.:)

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Handwashing them works really well, but I suggest not putting it off too long. If you wait a while they get quite nasty and are never truly CLEAN ever again.!!!

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