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i can seem to do pirouettes on dehours pretty good but i can only seem to get either half way around or 1 and quarter way around in pirouettes on dedons. is there any way i can figure out whats going wrong so i can fix this fast so i dont have to spend alot of time just getting once around?????? B)

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"Spot front to stop front" is something I use on students to help them get where they have to in en dedans pirouettes. Also don't try to kill the turn, just turn. Use an amount of thrust between what you use to get halfway around, and the amount you use to go 1+.

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in pirouettes on dehour, my teacher suggest me to keep my arms curved and move the outer arm first until it hits about first and feel like the arm movin is slicing the air but not changin it position except the fact that its in first not third anymore. would that still work for any type of pirouette including fouettes(not that im at that level but im just curious)

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But don't forget that en dedans pirouettes are a bit more than en dehors, in that a single is really one and a quarter, and a double is two and a quarter, because you start from croisé on one side and finish on the other croisé corner. So, you do take a bit more force, but mainly it's the focus, like Mr. Johnson said. Know where you are going and spot there, and don't come down until you get there! B)

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