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I was hoping to get a decent calendar for 2006 with beautiful pictures, can anyone recommend where i might find one?

I love Darcy Bussell so if anyone has seen or got one could you let me know?

many thanks.

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I too am interested in a calendar to give as a gift for a fellow costumer. Any suggestions for good ones where most of the pages are dancers in costumes, specifically tutus?



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PNB has a calendar available on their website with performance photos of both their male and female dancers. Louise Nadeau is on the cover this year. http://www.PNB.org and go to Online gift shop.

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The Australian Ballet company produces a beautiful calendar each year and it is available for sale online - just go to the shop on their website.


I am buying one for dd this year - the theme for 2006 is fairies and fantasy.

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To make the URL that you provide into a clickable link, put in the http://

:D (I fixed several of the posts above so that they are links.)

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Thank you Victoria for the fix! :D

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Thankyou all for your suggestions, i was most annoyed when searching ths shops which are full of popstars, movie stars and such (not that they are bad - especially Will Smith :) )


I really thought there would be enough demand to stock at least one ballet or even dance related calendar when some shops stock a range of about 10 or more to choose from.


I will let you know which one when i have decided :o

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I have the RB one for next year at home (it's already hanging up actually). I got it because the front is Johnny Cope (and Bussell, but I'm more interested in Cope!) and as he's retiring I'm upping my little bits of memorabilia (sp?). I'd be happy to let you know what the pictures are if you'd like? The front is Cope and Bussell in Sylvia, and the page where they have 2005 Sept-Dec (before the 2006 part begins) is Bussell in Act I Sylvia.


Anyways, let me know if you want me to check and report back!



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Ami, you are such an angel, if anyone can be relied upon for information here, its you :)

Thankyou so much, i would love to know what the calendar is all about but only when you get the time.

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Not a problem - I'm actually home for once so am looking at it right now.


The front is Cope and Bussell in the entrance for Act III pdd of Sylvia although Bussell is in her Act I costume.


Inside cover is Bussell in Act I Sylvia with corps.

January a beautiful pic of Ivan Putrov and Roberta Marquez in Act II Giselle

Feb - Johan Kobborg as Oberon

March - Leanne Benjamin Cinderella Act I

April - Carlos Acosta and Marienella Nunez in La Fille de Mal de Gardee - Ashton's version, Act I

May - Gong corps

June - Ed Watson as Palemon in Ondine, Act I

July - Leanne Benjamin Anastasia... Act III

August - Alina Cojocaru Giselle ActII

September - Tamara Rojo - Romeo and Juliet Act III (I think)

October - Zenaida Yanowsky, Les Biches

November - Miyako Yoshida, Ondine

December - Cope and Bussell, Nutcracker (Prince and Sugarplum Fairy)





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